Rumor: PSP2 to have a Touch Screen, 3G Support, and more

Is it Janaury 27th yet? Oh, the PSP2 isn’t officially announced yet then. Well, rumor time!  A Japanese magazine has released a handful details  regarding the features of the handheld.

The first up is the tech behind the screen. Apparently the screen is an OLED screen that supports touch controls. Probably more exciting to hear is that the device is 3G capable. So now you don’t need a Wi-fi hot spot to connect to the network, removing that tether devices like the 3DS still have to worry about. The PSP2 also has a new processor designed specifically for the PSP2.

But, again, rumor. Who knows, maybe the PSP2 and PSPhone don’t exist!

Yeah, I’ll see you on the 27th.

(Source: Kotaku)

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