Rumor: PSP2 Will Finally Be Announced January 27th

PSP2 has essentially been confirmed to exist throught the curse of anything Sony releases will have information leaks aplenty, however it looks like we might actually get some solid information by the end of the month. They are having an event in Japan open to select press that is being called a business and strategy meeting. The presence of press almost certainly means they have something to show so we can only hope it’s the PSP2.


5 thoughts on “Rumor: PSP2 Will Finally Be Announced January 27th”

      1. The PSP definitely didn’t match up to the DS XD
        I’ll admit that it had some pretty good games. (Valkyria Chronicles 2, KH: BBS, etc) However, it wasn’t nearly as successful, and it didn’t have as large of a library as the DS.

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