Rumor: Sony Implementing Serial Keys for PS3 Games

The recent cracking of the PlayStation 3 has given Sony quite the scare. Of course, now Sony is trying to take action against the hacked firmware. And while still a rumor, Sony might be taking a step that might go a bit too far.

Website PS3-Sense claims to have the exclusive story from an inside source that future PlayStation 3 titles will ship with serial keys, similar to that found packaged with PC games. This key would be required for a game disc to run on the PlayStation 3 and could only be used five times before the key becomes invalid, making the disc useless to non-registered PlayStation 3s.

I’d like to stress heavily that this is a rumor. But if it were to go through, this would most likely have a heavy impact on the used and rental market on the PlayStation 3. There was a rumor like this similar to the PlayStation 3’s launch as well, but obviously that never went through.

(Via: VG247)

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Sony Implementing Serial Keys for PS3 Games”

  1. well I can understand why they wanna do this. if they wanna make sure that there games and 3rd party can make the most money from there console and now with the hack. I hope that they go to jail and I don’t give a dam if they keep saying we didn’t intend this for piracy.

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