Some 3DS Features Won’t be Available at Launch

Continuing on with the news updates regarding the 3DS, Nintendo has announced that some notable features of the 3DS system will not be available when the system launches.

Probably the most notable feature that you won’t be able to use is the online game store. Yesterday it was announced that the 3DS would have Gameboy and Gameboy Color games available on the 3DS’ virtual console. However, you’ll have to wait awhile to get all your Pokémon games (among other games) onto your 3DS.

The 3DS will also lack a web browser at launch which is…not really a big deal (does anybody use the DSi web browser?) Finally, it seems that you will be unable to view 3D movies and will lack the ability to transfer DSiWare from your DSi to your 3DS

Nintendo haven’t given any date as to when these features will be made available. We’ll just have to wait it out.

(Source: Nintendo World Report)

4 thoughts on “Some 3DS Features Won’t be Available at Launch”

  1. Remind me to stab Destructoid the next time they incorrectly inform us of news. Or Nintendo for not getting their crap in gear! >:/

    I mean, SERIOUSLY. The GB/GBC virtual store is about one of the biggest selling points of the freaking thing! ALAJarhtoghiaogfg~

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