Sony Capable of Shutting Off Jailbroken PS3’s Remotely

While it is incredibly unlikely that Sony would ever go to such measures they have the ability to shut off your PS3 remotely. Everytime you boot your PS3 it sends some information about what applications are being run and other basic statistics as long as it’s connected to the internet. This also means that Sony can see when you are running illegitimate programs and tell that you are stealing from them. So you might want to run your Jailbroken PS3 offline if you plan to continue doing bad things.


4 thoughts on “Sony Capable of Shutting Off Jailbroken PS3’s Remotely”

    1. Yeah, but then they can look for PS3’s that they arnt receiving any data for and there they go, they still have them =P
      Like how they detect proxy server abuse in schools

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