Top 10 Poopie Face Moments in Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. But even in the short time that it has been around, we all have seen some amazing, scary, embarrassing, and rage inducing events. At these moments we make a poopie face. You may be asking, “what is a poopie face?” Well, it isn’t necessarily one particular emotion. It is simply a moment where you feel an extreme emotion, and your face reflects that often with an over-exaggerated expression; a poopie face. And some of the most poopie face inducing moments in gaming are right after the jump.

But Our Princess is in Another Castle!

For most of us, it’s been a long time since we squashed our first Goomba and jumped in our first Warp Pipe. For those who were ill informed of what laid beyond the bridge over the blazing lava pit, what was found on the other side was quite a shock. The classic poopie face: “Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” What? There’s another world?! No, more like eight. Unfortunately, the phrase is so popular now that, even if it’s your first time playing the classic, no poopie face will be had.

Carnival Games Selling Way too Many Units

Back in 2006, Nintendo was a hot topic. The company was constantly being praised for innovation and thinking outside of the box. And while the DS was an early sign of what was to come, the massive sales of one title in particular produced a whole slew of unwanted games. At first when Carnival Games topped the sales chart in 2007, we thought, “huh, that’s strange.” But soon after, more and more shovelware started piling on shelves. Over three years later, we are extremely poopie faced as there’s probably enough shovelware on the Wii alone to reach the moon. Don’t get me wrong, the Wii still has some fantastic titles that everyone should enjoy. But when core gamers look at store shelves, there is nothing but poopie faced emotions.

Save File Corruption

Role-playing games are long. They usually amount anywhere between 30 to 50 hours. In some cases, they go far beyond that. After a certain amount of progress, that save file becomes a precious trophy. Then one day, as you’re saving your new progress to your precious file, the power goes out. Quick, turn your system back on! Your save file is corrupt. Days of struggle and dedication are gone. Your trophy has been shattered… and your poopie face has been made.

The Great Mighty Poo

Alright, maybe by the time you reached the poop boss in Conker’s Bad Furday you were no longer surprised by anything. After all, the title is filled with curse words, foul jokes, sexual themes,  and all the other makings of an M-rating shoved into a title staring a fuzzy squirrel. But you have to give The Great Mighty Poo credit, he is literally a poop face. Well, his entire body is made of poop. Does that make him a poopie body?

The Millionth Time You Heard Portal’s Still Alive 

Praise was being thrown left and right when the original Portal released. The mind numbing puzzles and its witty sense of humor had everyone in a trance. And then, someone beat the game. The song, Still Alive, was discovered and many laughs and joyous moments were had. Months later, Still Alive was, for a lack of a better phrase, still alive. Your friends were singing it, people were still sending you videos of it, it was everywhere. Your best friend even got you a T-shirt with “the cake is a lie” written on it. And upon the millionth hearing the song, you cracked. Now every time you time you hear it, poopie face.

Red Ring of Death

Really, any system malfunction falls under this: yellow line of death, broken hinges, disc read errors. Things break and that’s just how life is. But none is as infamous as the old bulky 360. Over the last few years, the Xbox 360 has been the home to many great games, arguably some of the greatest games ever made. You want to keep playing these great games, but you hit a problem. There’s a flashing red ring on your Xbox 360. Time to call customer service! Let them know you have your poopie face on.

Vanquish’s Thousand Missiles


Something more recent, Platinum Game’s over the top shooter, Vanquish, hosted many intense moments, including Fist of the North Star-esque face punching of robots. Early on you find yourself fighting a massive robot spider. He has some basic attacks, but nothing special… Until it reveals missile launchers on the top of its body. All hell breaks loose and suddenly missiles are everywhere on screen. While it might be a shocking at first, enough for a poopie face at least, you realize that it is more of a fireworks show than anything actually dangerous.

Dreamcast’s Death

Sure, SEGA fans may have been poopie face when the Dreamcast originally died, but it wouldn’t be until much later that the effects would really be felt. Over the years, the Dreamcast’s popularity begun to spread as people were starting to experience the classics that the system had to offer. Once they finished playing titles like Power Stone 2, Jet Grind Radio, and Shenmue, poopie faces were had. We will always have to wonder: “what if the little white box made it?” The more who experience these classics, the more poopie face is spread. An eternal poopie face… On our hearts.

Nintendo’s E3 2008

E3 sort of fell off the bridge for a couple of years. At very least in 2008, which some would argue the show was at its worst, Sony and Microsoft still had some announcements up their sleeves to get gamers pumped. Nintendo? They had Animal Crossing… And Animal Crossing. Needless to say, the show was a embarrassment not only to Nintendo, but those who were watching it. Towards the end of the show, the lights dimmed down. A huge game reveal perhaps? Kid Icarus on the Wii?! Nope! Miyamoto saxophones on stage with his Wii Remote. After that, no one’s sure what happened. Eyes and ears started bleeding. Rumor has it that a stage performance was made of a classic video game melody ruined by cowbells. No one knows what happened to the rumored Kid Icarus game… Oh, wait.

God Awful Voice Acting

As with every form of entertainment, video games have had to climb a tough ladder to be completely accepted. Only in recent years has the industry begun to start making its place on the bench of entertainment in the majority of the public’s eye. This is possibly thanks to the high production values that we often take for-granted today, like in voice acting. Rewind just ten years ago and your ears are in for a treat! Video game voice acting, while not in all cases, was generally bad, JRPGs in particular. The mellow dramatic scenes with stereo typical characters blurting out lines of dialog that no normal human being would take seriously made our ears melt. And while you may poopie face while the dialog plays, your poopie face gets ten times worse when you realize a family member is behind you watching.

What are your poopie face moments in gaming?

(Wii Music E3 2008: GameTrailers)
(Final Fantasy 10 Footage: Yoshi Fan 007 )
(Portal Credits: OverTheGun)

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Poopie Face Moments in Gaming”

  1. The BIG REVEAL of who the villain was in Heavy Rain. It was such a monstrous ass-pull that I just had to spoil it for all my friends who hadn’t yet played it so that they knew not to bother.

  2. Kat’s death in Reach. All the other characters got killed doing something awesome, but Kat wasn’t paying any attention. It makes it worse that she was the only girl.

  3. I actually watched that Wii Music video just now and while they were explaining it, it sounded really interesting. The way they explained it, anyways. Then when they played it… yeah poopie face ensued.

  4. I cannot agree more with the Wii Shovelware.

    But as for me, probably the dematuring of Mario. He went from being a mostly silent plumber to a chatterbox 5-year old.

  5. So THAT’S how so much shovelware came about…

    I remember back when DS and Wii were the best, most innovative systems. Sure, XBOX 360 and PS3 has more power and better specs, but Wii and DS had innovation. A lot of DS games are still good, but 90% of Wii games are crap.

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