Trion World = W.O.W Competitors?

Trion World is an up and coming MMORPG, which is a lovely sub-set of the gaming industry with a little known monolithic competitor known as World of WarCraft.  It’s one thing to try and muscle in on the territory, it’s another thing to have your entire advertising campaign based around trying to top it.

The main marketing slogan is simply : “You’re not in Azeroth anymore”

The senior vice president of Publishing [David Reid] of Trion World believe they will have more than enough power to compete with World of Warcraft’s subscription business, being able to attack into the Pay-to-Play genre.

“In my mind, you see a lot of big publishers that have retreated from the subscription model and have gone away from the AAA business and approached the genre like it’s free-to-play casual, but that isn’t the business that harnesses the gamer with a capital G. If you have the content, players are happy to play to it. You want to make people realize the level of polish your product has. We think the subscription model is only growing; it just comes with a level of leverage F2P doesn’t have.”

Best of luck to Trion World and their overly ridiculous optimism.

Source: IndustryGamers

2 thoughts on “Trion World = W.O.W Competitors?”

  1. Any time I hear WoW killer or even competitor I chuckle. That’s a pretty ballsy position they have taken I hope the game play is suitable enough to back them up.

  2. Honestly, there’s a bunch of games out there that play identical to WoW and there’s a few that I, along with a lot of others, consider better. For instance, EverQuest II plays almost identically, and personally I enjoy the lore of that world better than Azeroths.

    WoW just took off better because Blizzard slapped the world with their fat advertising budget while all the other competitors played it cautious and more or less relied solely on fairly inexpensive internet ads, the occasional magazine ad, and mostly word of mouth. So what it boils down to is if you want to beat WoW, you better have the advertisement budget to back it up.

    Honestly, I think TV is probably the biggest medium for ads and WoW is the only MMO that has advertised on TV… so there you go.

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