TSGPress Vlog: Can NGP Compete Against 3DS?

With the announcement of the NGP, it looks like the NGP and the 3DS will be at each others throats at launch, just like their siblings were. But will the outcome be the same? Will the NGP fade off as the 3DS climbs the ladder of success? Or will a new challenger even the odds in this battle?


This week’s Vlog doesn’t take place in the yellow dimension, rather a normal dimension where colors appear normal. Hit the jump to hear me talk.






5 thoughts on “TSGPress Vlog: Can NGP Compete Against 3DS?”

  1. Honestly, as of right now there’s only 1 announced 3DS game that I’d actually buy the system for. So as of right now the NGP has to have more than 1 game that I’d be willing to fork over the big bucks for.

  2. I like both the PSP and DS, but I do agree that in what is behind the DS is a lot better than the PSP and I think that the same thing will happen with the 3DS and NGP. I also think the casual gamer would be more interested in actual games than apps they can get on their phones. But the price point still has me a bit up in the air so let’s just wait and see

  3. just so you don’t forget that sony is launching a official app to all androids so you can play psp games and alot more. I think NGP is gonna be a good seller but it all comes down to price. oen thing you should take in consideration is that some people that have tired the 3DS have said that 1-2 hours tops or you will get a headache. 3D puts alot of stress on your eyes.

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