Virtual On Force is Region Free

The Virtual On series was created by SEGA back in their glory days which involved a series of robots doing what Robots do best: Fight. The msot well known entry is Oratorio Tangram which is currently avaliable for XBLA. The game was probably most famous for having a Twin Stick control schene that cost ~$300 to import. Fans of the series will be glad to hear then that without SEGA telling anyone, they made the Japanese release of Force region free. The good news about this is that unlike some OTHER companies I can name who CAVE into the demand to increase the price of their region free titles, SEGA made the Asian version of Virtual On Force avalaible for a less demanding $50. What might interest even more people is that an English Language option is avaliable on the menu so you don’t even have to know Japanese to udnerstand the story! Unfortunatly, The Super Mega Ultra Limited Edition is currently out of stock on Play and Yes Asia though perhaps if you dig around the darkest corners of the Internet you might find something. With the release of this and Another Century Portable Out on January 13th, It’s a good time to be a Mecha fanatic.

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