What Happens When Two Catherines Collide?

Anger, lots of anger… at least on Katherine’s part.

Atlus has released a new trailer for their upcoming title Catherine and in it, Katherine finds out the main character is cheating on her with Catherine. Rage ensues.

But there is more than just raging here. There’s also a look at some more of the Nightmare gameplay, complete with giant babies, butts with tongues and eyes, and plenty more bizarre creatures.

Catherine is scheduled next month in Japan on both Xbox 360 and PS3. We have yet to hear any details on a North America or European release.

(Via: Siliconera)

One thought on “What Happens When Two Catherines Collide?”

  1. Catherine excites me more because it shows Atlus’s capability on the HD, and less because it looks like a good game. You know… In anticipation of Persona 5 or even a new Devil Summoner? I’m so ashamed of myself. 🙁

    Well, I’m still going to try Catherine out. It looks very innovative.

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