What’s NGP’s Battery Life Like?

With the NGP basically being a PS3 in your pocket, we have to ask how much juice is this thing going to take to run. The answer? Well, maybe not as much as we might think. Sony says the target battery life is that of the PSP 3000s, which lasts anywhere between four to six hours, which would trump even the 3DS’s battery life of three to five with 3D active.

Kotaku reports that an inside developer says that the development kits prove to have a strong battery life, better than that of the PSP 3000. But keep in mind, dev kits are not retail systems.

(Source: Kotaku)

2 thoughts on “What’s NGP’s Battery Life Like?”

  1. If they can beat the battery life of the 3DS, that would be amazing.(Even though that truthfully isn’t that hard.) But still wondering what the price range will be.

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