What’s Packaged with 3DS in Japan?

When purchasing your 3DS, you probably are doing so for the games set to come out for the platform. But even if you don’t buy any software day one, 3DS offers a variety of features and software to keep you entertained… in Japan at least.  We won’t know exactly what Nintendo will be offering outside of Japan, but we can probably expect it to be, at the very least, similar to Japan’s.

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Of course, the biggest reason your slapping the money down is for the 3DS system itself that is included. Then you don’t want to play your 3DS just for one charge! That’s why Nintendo has included the charging cradle for the system along with an AC adaptor. As a sidenote, Nintendo has announced that the 3DS takes three and a half hours to charge and, for 3DS games, lasts three to five hours, and for DS games, lasts five to eight hours.

Power options aside, you also get a touch pen, 2GB SD card, and 6 augmented reality cards. Your usual start up guide, warrenty and health and safety warnings are also shoved somewhere deep in the box where you will never take them out.

Software wise, the 3DS comes with software built specifically for 3DS’s camera, taking pictures, editing them, etc. Nintendo 3DS sound which allows you to store up to 180 10 second sound clips, plus you can play music files.

There is Mii studio where you can create your Miis, and then Street Mii Plaza. There are some Augmented Reality games that don’t include using the cards, like Face Shooter, where you take pictures of people’s faces and it turns them into enemies.

And lastly, the internet browser is bundled in along with something called an Activity Log, which seems to be sort of a journal/calender of sorts.

And that’s it for what will be in your 3DS and the box on day one in Japan! Of course, in North America and Europe  this may vary. We will find out on January 19th exactly what Nintendo’s plans are outside of Japan.

(Source: andriasang)

8 thoughts on “What’s Packaged with 3DS in Japan?”

  1. “There are some AR games that don’t include using the cards”
    What do you mean by that? Are the AR games not included, or do you have to download them…?

  2. Augmented Reality, basically where you play games using the DS’s camera and it places objects on the screen so it looks like they are in the picture.

    Some of the AR games use cards to place objects into the world. Games like Face Shooter don’t use those cards.

  3. Man, I hate to be a wet blanket, but first PSP level battery times? I guess I understand given the tech, but I always loved how Nintendo systems could run for an eternity on one charge.
    Still, all the other stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to look at a busted scratched one at a Wal-Mart while I figure out how to get up the money to buy one.

  4. Thank goodness for the AC Adapter! I was getting really worried I wouldn’t be able to play my 3DS while it was charging because it would have to be sitting in the cradle.

    I usually just play my DS around the house (and often while charging) so the poor battery life doesn’t scare me so much anymore. Although it’ll be a bit of a hassle of I ever want to take it on a trip…which isn’t that often.

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