5pb announces new Adventure Games

5PB have been well known in the gaming industry for porting various CAVE games to the 360 such as Ketsui and DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou as well as creating the “Science” series of Visual Novels with NitroPlus whose works so far consist of Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. Following on from this, 5pb announced this week that they were currently working on three adventure games for the 360. See more after the jump.

Source: (Andriasang)

1. Ever17: To this day, Ever17 is considered to be one of the best and most popular visual novels ever made outside of Type Moon’s Work. Unlike most Adventure Games of this nature, Ever17 recieved a US release however due to the low supply and high demand for it, the asking prices are nothing short of ridiculous. The plot of the game revolves around the adventures of Takeshi Kuranari who finds himself stuck in a underwater theme park that will collapse under water pressure in 170 hours and 17 minutes. The 360 port will recieve 3D character models, new event visuals, new endings and a resdesigned setting. The game will be released this summer.

2. Steins;Gate: Speaking of Steins;Gate! The PSP will be recieving a port of the original 360 version and the 360 will be recieving a new spinoff entitled Hiyokurenri no Darlin. The PSP port will have new event visuals, character art, new opening/endings soungs and a new opening movie. The DLC for the 360 version will be avaliable from the get go on the PSP version. The 360 spinoff is represente as a fandisc in the same way that Tsukihime and the Suikoden series had. The spinoff will feature a brand new scenario with a more light hearted approach instead of the very serious style of the original. The PSP version is slated for June and the 360side story will be release June 16th.

3. Robotic;Notes: You may remember that the head of 5pb had a meeting with Hideo Kojima and Goichi Suda regarding the development of the third in the previous mentioned “Science” series. The scenario writer in question Matsubara Tatsuya commented that the story component has been finalised and they are now starting to write the text for the game. The artwork for the main character and one of the heroines has been revealed and Matsubra said they will be turned into 3D character models. He says that he wishes the company to achieve the technical level of models found in games such as Catherine and Idolmaster 2 (Jupiter excluded for obvious reasons).

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