12 thoughts on “Anime Basics – MOé”

  1. At first I saw the goggles were down on his eyes and I was like “Oh it’s on now,” but I didn’t see any villians. Then he took the goggles off and got kicked in the head. Remeber Psychotaku, in many media goggles are a valid form of head armor and will protect from a stilleto heal one-shot.

    I noticed this episode is titled “Psykoneku Episode 1” rather than “Psychotaku Season 2 Episode 1.” I like the implications.

  2. That one I am not super into, but if it is done right (in anime at least)…. 😀

    My favorites are the guy in a tuxedo (*sigh* Tuxedo Mask) and the rebel with a heart of gold. I love Kyo from Fruits Basket!

  3. Here’s a story. I was at a big mall yesterday that I had never been to before, so I didn’t know what stores they had. I was just walking around, turned a corner, and in front of me was a store filled with Hello Kitty!!!! Moe! Moe! Moe!

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