Arcana Heart 3 released on PSN in North America

To celebrate Valentines day, Aksys Games who are well known for publishing a wide variety of obscure Japanese games confirmed today that they are making Arcana Heart 3 avalable for NA users though PSN for the cheap price of $29.99. This decision has caused someannoyance within the fighting game comuniy as it means that anyone who wants a retail release will have to import the PAL edition (Hopefully we get the special edition although it’s all unconfirmed right now.) The other problem is that this implies that AH3 will not be coming to the 360 in the US despite it’s avaliability in JP & PAL however at this point noting has been deconfirmed/confirmed yet. Europe on the other hand will see a full retail release though the publishers Pqube who published the BlazBlue series over in Europe. The US version is set to be released this Spring and the UK version is set to be released this Summer.

Source: (Joystiq)

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