Blizzard Says Still No Console Diablo III

You would think a job listing for “console Diablo III would mean that a console version of Diablo III would be on the way. Apparently, that’s not the case.

A Blizzard spokes person addressed the listing saying, “We’re exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles and are currently looking to fill a few senior console-related positions on the Diablo III team. As we’ve said in the past, with proper care the gameplay could suit the console platform, and we’re interested in seeing what talent out there might be interested in such a project.

So while they’re hiring for a console version of Diablo III, or at least something like it, it sounds like it may never see the light of day. But if you are worrying that a console version might get in the way of your PC release, Blizzard says not to worry.

We are first and foremost developing Diablo III for Windows and Mac PCs and don’t intend to allow any possibility of a console interpretation to delay or affect the release of the game.

While there is no release date for the title yet, Blizzard is hoping to get it out sometime later this year.

(Source: VG247)

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  1. In the jobs directory, those two “console positions” for Diablo 3 are both marked as “…particularly critical…”

    It could be that Blizzard is more interested in the idea that they’re letting on…

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