Blizzard’s “Goal” is a 2011 Release for Diablo III

Blizzard always takes their times to release titles, and Diablo III is no different. Even in 2009, they were questioning if it could be ready for 2011. And now here we are in 2011, and they are still pondering the same question.

As of right now, Diablo III doesn’t have a scheduled release date. After some questioning from Kotaku about 2011 release, Blizzard’s executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo answered, “We really, really hope so. That’s our goal.”

But of course, in true Blizzard fashion, he said that they have no plans on launching the title until it is ready. So if it needs to be pushed back into 2012, so be it.

While it is bad we have to wait, it will probably be worth it. And as long as it doesn’t turn into a Duke Nukem Forever, we should be good.

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