Cavefest 2011 Summary

I realise it’s been a few days since the highly anticipated event however since I know that TSG has literally TENS of fans of the Danmaku SHmup company and that it’s rather fitting considering the first article I ever wrote as a TSG Writer was about Cavefest 2010, I feel obliged to inform you about the most recent events concerning the companies annual game show held at Akihabara last Sunday. Click after the jump to find a full list of announcements and why you sould buy their games.

On a litle note, DeathSmiles was released in the UK last Friday so I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t bought it yet to go pick it up (It’s only £20, what more can you want?)

1. Akai Katana recieving 360 port: Akai Katana is CAVE’s first original IP since DeathSmiles and as with DeathSmiles, the game is a horizontally scrolling Danmaku (The only other game that CAVE has done in this style is Progear no Arashi). Compared to the Arcade version, the 360 port will contain HD Visuals with full widescreen support (DeathSmiles could use that). The game will also feature unannounced gameplay changes and an extra stage (making the total number of stages for the main game equal to seven). Unfortunatly CAVE have confirmed that this game wil be reon locked however considering the publishing friends that CAVE has made with Aksys and Rising Star, an overseas release isn’t completly out of the question. Akai Katana’s Standard and Limited editions will be released in Japan on May 28th.

2. Nin2-Jump confirmed as original XBLA Platformer: In a rather surprising move, CAVE confirmed that their next XBLA game would be abrand new IP rather than a port of one of their older Danmaku. The Side Scroller puts you in the control of Nin Ja (Suttle) as you save the princess from the evil ninja Namakura. The gameplay appears to be simplistic as though it were some weird Muramasa hybrid done in an N+ esque art style with Castlevania: Order of Eccleshia glyph jumping. Either way, make up your mind by viewing the trailer below.

3. CAVE is working on upcoming adventure game Instant Brain: And so CAVE anounces yet another IP to their backlog with Instant Brain for the Xbox 360. You play Zenya Harataki who lost his memory prior to six years ago and since then has become a media reporter. During the process of the game Hataraki gets involved in a conspiracy that is connected to the events before he lost his memory. To progress through the game, you used your camera dubbed the Exporger to take pictures that help you to get close to the truth. Not much is known about the game however the game is scheduled to be released sometime this year.


 4. Mushihimesama Bug Panic to recieve big update: Bug Panic for the Iphone is the spin off to Musihimesama Futari (CAVE’s 360 region free danmaku). To anyone who bought the game, the game will recieve Bug Battle mode that will be compatable with 3G/Wi Fi and Bluetooth, with the former will allow you to play other players through the world. Additional setting will be included such as the ability to toggle autobomb on and off as well as swtiching attack mode between lock and direct. The Lite version will also include Bug Battle as well as the first world of adventure mode and score attack will be avaliable for world 1.


 5. DeathSmiles coming to Iphone This Spring: Geez, there’s a lot of DeathSmiles news. First the game got released in the UK last Sunday, then the US version got a patch taking out a lot of the slowdown and now it’s recieving an Iphone port! The game will be a port of the 360 version rather than the arcade version so that the Arcade, 1.1 and Mega Black Label modes will all be avaliable. The game will be released this Spring and CAVE kindly supplied a trailer avalable for your viewing pleasure.

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