Community Pokémon Archive – Pokémon DP: Battles Galore by the1stpkmnfan

I was having a tough time, trying to figure out what part of the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl series I would like to cover for you guys. Either the best and worst parts of the show, the upcoming 13th movie (Zoroark: Master of Illusions) or just the series in general. I want to also thank those who have helped me through the process of figuring out what kind of topic to write about (in some shape or form, that was AlanEdgeHead, Oculin, Kylethedarkn and PkgamerB).

After thinking about it, I decided to talk to you guys about the Pokemon Battles that go on in the anime series. This list is exclusive to the Diamond & Pearl Series, so if you haven’t watched so much of the series, you might want to give it a shot and check out what’s listed.

Pokemon Battles, in any kind of area of the franchise, are what make Pokemon a whole. People use Pokemon to battle against others’ own Pokemon and compete to be the best. The way the anime showcases battles are usually out of the box. Normally, trainers can have their Pokemon dodge or intercept the opponent, but the game play battling limits those abilities. The anime especially introduced Pokemon Contests, from the third Generation, and they include battling in a very creative way. Not even the in game Contests have battle segments, yet the show has some great battles during Pokemon Contests.

Some may even point out that anime battles can defy the laws of the actual game play battles, and do the impossible. Such as, in DP, the Ice Aqua Jet both Ash and Dawn eventually master. (Buizel’s signature move; spins while using Aqua Jet, and making contact with a special Ice-Type attack). However, the anime omits these normal laws to the show, basically to show the battles in a exciting way. Otherwise, it’d be pretty boring to watch Pokemon Battles just as they appear in the games. The anime is here for fun!

Now that the DP series has came to an end today, in the US dub (February 5th, 2011), here’s my highlights on the battles of pokemon Diamond & Pearl from the past four years.

Before we get started, these are the battles that didn’t make the cut, but performed well in the series.

Honorable Battles:

1. Croagunk VS Toxicroak
2. Ash & Dawn VS Lyra & Khoury
3. Dawn VS Lila
4. Ash VS Flint
5. Ash VS Paul VS Trainers w/ Rhydon and Magmar
6. Paul VS Barry
7. May VS Zoey
8. Ash VS Palmer
9. Ash & Paul VS Dawn & Conway
10. Dawn VS Johanna

The Best/Worst Sinnoh Gym Battle

Best. Ash VS Maylene

Ash’s third Gym Battle in the Sinnoh Region was overall my favorite. I consider it the best, in this region, because of Maylene’s newly recovered confidence in battling and the fact that she newly improved with her strategies to face off against Ash. her performance was truly amazing, and the battle even brought some humor in; when Meditite’s Confusion makes Staravia hit his head on the floor back and forth. I couldn’t stop chuckling by how amusing that was.

Maylene’s Lucario was also a strong opponent, as it’s game counterpart is. The moves it has, like Bone Rush, Aura Sphere and Force Palm, this was one tough Pokemon. In the position was at during that time in the series.
But Ash’s own Pokemon proved a good match, as well as putting Chimchar against Lucario, knowing Fire attacks have an advantage to a Steel type like Lucario. Staravia pulled off a great battle, too, with it’s Flying moves, Ariel Ace and Brave Bird giving him two wins before Lucario comes out to fight. Buizel was evenly matched with Lucario at the time, plus seeing it’s ability “Swift Swim” activate during an open rain was a great adaption. Good thing they made the roof explode.
And with these great Pokemon match ups, the battle ended in a draw, when both Lucario and Buizel fainted as the last Pokemon on both sides. This is way better than Ash having a rematch with a Gym Leader, where Ash sees both his strengths and weaknesses in a Gym battle. Yet he still wins in the end. I even give credit to Maylene, for being one heck of a Gym Leader in sync with her Pokemon.

Worst. Ash VS Candice

This battle was great to watch in perspective, yet the battle in dept didn’t perform too well. Inside of a 3 on 3 match, Ash and Candice battle with 4 Pokemon on both sides. That means more Pokemon are shown to to battle, yet all of them appeared too.
It was great to have the anime do this, like in the games, yet most of Ash and Candice’s Pokemon got knocked out in one hit or two. Plus, some of them didn’t last for so long before they’re defeated. I felt as though the battle gets rushed when Abomasnow (Candice’s) knocks out three of Ash’s Pokemon in one swoop. Eventually she gets defeated by Chimchar (Ash’s), so the ending of the battle was moderate.
Candice is a fantastic character and battler no doubt, but I wish they would milk out the battle as a whole, instead of getting this battle wrapped up. Not to mention we had to wait about a year, until the 8th Gym Battle happened.

The Moderate, Disappointing Battles
10. Ash & Paul VS Brock & Holly

The only battle between these two tag teams was during the Season 10 finale, “Smells Like Team Spirit!”. Noted, this was one battles from the Hearthome Tag Tournament Semi-Finals. Honestly, this battle wasn’t so great to get excited over. It was short lived, and both Brock and Holly’s Pokemon (Croagunk and Farfetch’d) barely landed one hit on Ash and Paul’s Pokemon (Staravia and Torterra) before they were knocked out with Hyper Beam and Leaf Storm by Torterra. Overpower much?

9. Jasmine VS Flint

This battle between the two only occurred in “Four Roads Divered in a Pokemon Port!”. Before I even think about it, I was surprised that a battle like this would go down, between a Johto Gym Leader and a Sinnoh Elite Four Member. Though, Flint’s performance in the battle made the excitement a bit bland. I know he’s a Elite Four Member, and a very tough opponent, but his Infernape defeating Jasmine’s Steelix is no surprise. However, I can’t ever point how how his Infernape can block Steelix’s Sandstorm. Besides, the battle is short lived still, even shorter than Ash/Paul VS Brock/Holly.

8. Ash VS Barry

Between Ash and Barry’s battles, they happened in small bits from the episodes “Barry’s Busting Out All Over”, “Historical Mystery Tour”, “Challenging a Towering Figure!” “Gotta Get a Gible!” and “Fighting Ire With Fire!”.

Now that’s a lot of episodes with battles right? Well, most of them are good to watch, but nothing to be excited about. Their first battle (in “Barry’s Busting Out All Over!”) has been my favorite of mine between the two. Considering how good it was in length, and it was the only 3-on–3 battle we’ve seen of them.

I’m also glad Ash won the mot battles against Barry though, except his battle in “Gotta Get a Gible”, where his Gible is defeated by Barry’s Empoleon which is reasonable. Considering how minor his obedience was to Ash.

7. Ash VS Kenny

Ash and Kenny’s battles occurred in “Journey to the Unown” and “Four Roads Diverged in a Pokemon Port”. I’m standing by my word when I saw their battles were less than good to call reasonable. Kenny is also considered a Coordinator in the anime, and one of Dawn’s rivals. Ash here is a Pokemon Trainer for the last 13 years.

Their first battle was cut short, and no one claimed victory, since Kenny eventually wants to help Ash’s Turtwig learn Energy Ball. Still, no victory at all is just.. no point in battling? However, Kenny ends up defeating Ash in their second battle. Since Ash was trying to copy Flint’s style of winning a battle, he ends up losing the battle because he failed in succeeding. I’m not sure why Ash even chose to use Ice Punch on Empoleon anyway. Oh Ash..

It’s funny though, from both of their battles, they use Pokemon with the same type (Kenny with Breloom and Ash with Turtwig from the first; Empoleon and Buizel in the seond).

I just can’t believe Ash would forget his own way in battling, which caused him to lose against someone like Kenny.

6. Dawn VS Kenny

Dawn and Kenny’s battles took place in “Setting a No-So-Old Score” and “Old Rivals, New Tricks!”. These battles weren’t too bad at all, though they’re not considered the best.

Both of these matches were apart of a Pokemon Contest, an even interesting to note out: both of these battles were in the Final Round. Dawn won the first, though Kenny won the second. I’m also glad to note out that the first battle of Kenny VS Dawn made the result for Dawn to gain her first Contest Ribbon. It was a shame and a close call, during their 2nd battle. Dawn would win her 5th and final ribbon. Though Kenny takes the cake and gets his 4th ribbon.

I will always remember their battle in “Old Rivals, New Tricks” however, considering it’s Ambipom’s last major battle. Plus, Ambipom and Prinplup’s Ping Pong combo attack was somewhat exciting.

5. Jessie/Jessilina VS Princess Salvia (disquised as Dawn)

Only one battle between these two, and it took place in “Dawn of a Royal Day!”. This was set to be Jessie’s next and hopefully last contest, to win her 5th Contest Ribbon.

The reason Princess Salvia was disguised as Dawn, was so she can take part in a Contest for once. So she and the real Dawn switched places (yup, Prince and the Pauper reference).

The both coordinators made it to the final round of the Arrowroot Contest, and yet “Princess Salvia” (Dawn in disguise) was a special guest for this match. At first, “Dawn” and her Togekiss weren’t off to a great start against Jessie and Seviper. But once “Salvia” gave “Dawn” words of encouragement, then the table started to turn for her. And after Togekiss uses Safeguard against Seviper, Jessie lost a great number of points. Then Seviper continued to get bashed by Togekiss’s grace and attacks. Reasonable, and making a comeback, “Dawn” takes the win. It’s only a shame that Jessie lost, and she is kicked out of the spotlight, again. Although, I’m happy to note that Salvia gave the ribbon to Jessie, since she had no need for it. So Jessie can still enter the Grand Festival. Everyone wins overall.

4. Dawn VS James (disguised as Jessie/Jessilina)

Another Contest Battle, and it happens during the episode “Dressed for Jess Success”, and part of the Lilypad Contest Semi-Finals. Since Jessie is under a fever, James takes her place, and goes as Jessilina himself.
Dawn uses Mamoswine, and James uses Carnivine. From the overall performance, Carnivine was agile and very tricky to say. Once it stole Mamoswine’s Ice Shard and threw it back at Mamoswine’s face, then some mammoth went on a dramatic rage. I could tell that the win for Dawn was gonna be nearly impossible now. Every time Mamoswine uses Ice Shard or Take Down, Carnivine would easily dodge it’s attacks like it was nothing. Once Carnivine grabbed Mamoswine by the tusks with Vine Whip, and slammed into the Judges Table, it was over.

I’m impressed with James, but I’m a little disappointed in Dawn. It was clear that she could barely do a thing, and Mamoswine losing it made the contest a loss for her. There goes her second chance at winning her 5th Ribbon, again.

3. Ash VS Nando

This was one of the first battles of the Sinnoh League, and the only battle between Ash and Nando. During the episode “League Unleashed”, the battle wasn’t treated very well to call it an exciting battle. Perhaps not counting the last match at the end, though most of it wasn’t considered good.

First match up: Staraptor VS Roserade. Seeing this, Staraptor has the advantage, since it’s a part Flying type. Though, Nando is both a Coordinator and Trainer, things are getting interesting.

Roserade succeeds attacking with Sweet Scene and Magical Leaf; one of them being a single Grass move, and Staraptor is seen taking quite a lot of damage from it. Sweet Scent just decreases it’s evasiveness, and it looked like Staraptor was already in a pickle. Once Roserade prepares Solar Beam, Staraptor was weak and lying on the ground… However, he manages to get up to dodge Solar Beam. Then he defeated Roserade with one Brave Bird. Nice save there, bucko…

Nando’s Armaldo was a beast Pokemon to see, and it’s reasonable that it defeats Staraptor with one Rock Blast. Once Ash’s Quilava comes out to face Armaldo, their battle was hardly shown on screen, yet they end up in a draw. Reasonable as well.

Lastly, Kricketune VS Heracross. The only match between them that I considered the highlight from their battle. The epic bug fight that grew the excitement in watching, having Sing VS Sleep Talk! Epic! Heracross is one of my favorites of Ash’s team, and it was great to have one part of the battle good, but not enough to make the battle great.

2. Dawn VS Jessie

Not counting the many times the gang faces Team Rocket, the actually Dawn and Jessie had one battle together in “Coming Full Festival Circle”.

This occurred during their Semi-Final Battle from the Sinnoh Grand Festival. This battle would have been just as good as Nando VS Zoey to follow, but it was the complete opposite. This was nearly the worst Contest Battle of all.

Episode wise, the battle lasted less than two minutes, and most of it was a bunch of commands thrown back and forth. (ex. “Cyndaquil use Swift!” and “Seviper use Poison Tail!”) Under those two minutes counted for the time Dawn’s mom, Johanna, talks about how far Dawn has come and how excited she is to see her daughter advance to the Finals.

It was almost said as such in black and white. From the looks of it, it was obvious that Jessie wasn’t going any further in the tournament. I knew she was gonna lose here, after Dawn VS Zoey was confirmed when the first episode of the Grand Festival aired, but I wish Jessie would have a much better battle to lose at. This was just an embarrassment. I really feel for Jessie, and she had every reason to rage and vent at Dawn.

1. Ash VS Tobias

One last note here, this was the final major battle of the DP series, and it was both good and bad.

Tobias was known as the Darkrai Trainer, and he’s used it to win his 8 badges and advance through the first 4 rounds of the Sinnoh League. Landing in the Semi-Finals, he is matched up with Ash.

Most of us were ready to see Ash get pummeled by Tobias and Darkrai. I even saw that people believed he’ll lose 6-0, without defeating Darkrai. However, the battle still needed to go underway.

After the first five minutes of the episode, Ash already loses three of his Pokemon to Darkrai. (Heracross, Torkoal and Gible). Heracross and Gible made good hits though; Heracross was able to land a Megahorn from using Sleep Talk (due to getting hit with Darkrai’s Dark Void), and Gible was able to land a single Rock Smash. I don’t know why Ash went with Torkoal at all, considering he was taken out with one Dark Pulse in 10 seconds or less.

Sceptile VS Darkrai was one of the highlights here, especially from breaking through Dark Void. After Sceptile uses a powerful Leaf Blade against Darkrai, my mind was blown to see that he actually defeated Darkrai! It was also amusing that the announcer makes a note that this the first time anyone’s seen Tobias’s Darkrai defeated in the Sinnoh League.

Things get more interesting when Tobias brings out his own… Latios. Sceptile is knocked out though, after one Giga Impact. Then out comes Swellow. Not a bad match up, though Luster Purge later knocks out Swellow, after an ariel battle in the sky.

Lastly, Pikcahu VS Latios. This was one of the most intense battles, and it nearly made me consider this a good battle in DP. Pikachu made a good fighter against a Dragon type, considering that Dragon types don’t take much damage from Electric type moves; especially when Latios used Light Screen. The whole time that Pikachu was riding on Latios, and using Thunderbolt continuously, along with Light Screen used at this time, it tension just grew inside me while watching. Who knew the battle would get this good?

Then Latios whips Pikachu off of him in the air, and prepares a Luster Purge. Once Pikachu launches down with Volt Tackle, to overcome the beaming attack by Latios, my eyes were blowing up. Especially when Pikachu can go through a Luster Purge. Then following the explosion after using Iron Tail on Latios, my excitement just blew to smithereens. In conclusion, Pikachu and Latios both faint. Yet the win goes to Tobias. Winning 6-2.

Now that was a surprise twist, yet we all thought Ash was going to lose without knocking out a single Pokemon; specifically Darkrai. However, Ash has the ability to take down ‘two’ legendaries!

Of course, all this excitement from Sceptile VS Darkrai and Pikachu VS Latios may had me consider putting it within’ a spot for the “Great, Exciting Battles”. But seeing more than half of Ash’s team go down easily, it’s not enough.

The Well Developed, Exciting Battles
10. Paul VS Cynthia

The battle between Paul and Cynthia only occurred in “Top Down Training!”. This wasn’t too much of a developed battled, but I always found episodes/battles with Paul very interesting. Here in this battle, we meet a couple new Pokemon that Paul owns: a Weavile, Murkrow and a powerhouse Torterra.

The thing about this battle was Paul’s overconfidence and strength of defeating Cynthia. It wasn’t a surprise that she defeated all six of Paul’s Pokemon with her Garchomp, but it was great to see how powerful she is as a Pokemon Champion.

Most importantly, later in the same episode, she makes an important quote from the Legend, that leads us to an important plot between Ash and Paul’s rivalry. Which has me excited for what’s to come in the late DP series.

“When every life meets another life, something will be born”

9. Ash & Paul Vs Psychic & Black Belt
This was one of the Quarter Final battles of the Hearthome Tag Team Tournament, with Ash and Paul facing against a Psychic and Black Belt.

This was a truly heated battle in the Tournament, with Ash and Paul’s differences increasing rapidly. It was quite a coincidence that the Black Belt used a Zangoose, which Chimchar is afraid of.

I couldn’t even stand Paul at all, during this battle. Especially when he wanted Chimchar to use Flamethrower on Ash’s Turtwig… such a team player. Then eventually, Paul didn’t care at all for Chimchar anymore, when he was fully charged with fire. It was smart of Ash to call on Chimchar to use Flame Wheel, though he isn’t Chimchar’s trainer.

Such an exciting battle, and it would have cost the battle if it weren’t for Ash to command Chimchar at the end. Paul is quite a jerk during Season 10, even at this time.

Battle starts at 1:47

8. Ash VS Kyle

Some of y’all might be surprised to see a Contest battle that wasn’t so major, make this part of the list. But I found this battle to be intense for one of Ash’s DP battles.

This was a battle during the Wallace Cup’s Quarter Finals, between Ash and and a coordinator named Kyle. However, Ash didn’t advance onward into the Semi-Finals, after a close match. On the bright side, Ash and Buizel both pulled off a great battle against Kyle and his Lanturn; noting that Ash is more of a Pokemon Trainer than a Coordinator.

Also for the fact that Ash and Buizel mastered Ice Aqua jet during this battle, it was a really heated battle!

7. Dawn VS May

This will forever be one of my favorite Contest Battles. The battle between Dawn and May occurs during the Finals of the Wallace Cup in “Strategy With a Smile!”. Quite a good title to go along with a great battle.

Dawn and Piplup face off against May and her Glaceon. After seeing the few new moves by Glaceon (such as Ice Shard, Secret Power and Shadow Ball), the excitement really grew as I started to watch from the start. Piplup even pulled off a good battle too, with his usual moves (Whirlpool and Bubblebeam). I also enjoyed it when he was surfing on the Whirlpool at one point, pretty fun!

Looks like the writers even had trouble figuring out who should win, seeing that the timer ends with their points nearly the same. But Dawn wins, at a close call. I’m very happy for Dawn though; it still shows that both her and May are evenly matched.

I’m also glad to see Dawn regain her confidence, right when she wins. It’s even great to know that May helped her get back on tract with Contests, after an exciting battle.

(The English version wasn’t available, so here’s the battle in Japanese)

6. Dawn VS Ursula

The battles between Dawn and Ursula have always been a favorite of mine. From all of their battles, I ended up at the end of my seat, wondering who was going to win. Although it’s a shame for Ursula, that Dawn defeats her in all of their battles on screen. From the Chocovine Contest, the Daybreak Contest and most importantly, the Top 32 Round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Ursula was also one of my favorite characters from the DP series, and she made the battles with Dawn very intense. With that, my favorite battle between the two would have to be their match up in the Grand Festival. It seemed just right, and I always hoped that they would battle there.

It’s also shocking that their battle, in the Grand Festival, was the only time Dawn defeats Ursula’s Pokemon. From the Chocovine and Daybreak Contests, Dawn usually wins from the timer going off, and having the most points at the end. Either way, Dawn wins from a lot of luck against Ursula.

No matter though, Ursula never gives up from challenging Dawn, believing she’s better than Dawn. I could never get enough of her and the sass that she has, as Dawn’s worthy rival.

5. Paul VS Brandon

This was one battle that many were excited for, once Paul was confirmed to be battling Brandon. I sure as excited, too. We haven’t seen Bradon, the Battle Pyramid King, since Season 9 when he battled with Ash three times.

Paul VS Brandon was especially an important battle, as we learn more about Paul and why he is the arrogant trainer he’s known for. Since his own brother, Reggie, challenged and lost to Brandon, he admits his loss and moves on without it clouding his mind. Paul, however, feels like this is unacceptable, so he wants to do what his brother was not able to do, or even care, and that is to defeat Brandon. So this 6 on 6 battle was on!

Their battle, in “A Pyramiding Rage”, was a quite intense. A lot more than any battle of Paul’s before this one. Brandon used all three golem Pokemon, Regirock, Regice and Reisteel, with out any of them fainting. Paul even went against him with some new Pokemon; Hariyama, Lairon, Nidoking, to go against Brandon’s legendaries that had a Type advantage. Yet there’s more to battling than power and strength.

After Paul loses all six of his Pokemon to Brandon, it was quite amazing to see the upset face on him. Even during the battle, he was very stressed from all his Pokemon getting knocked out in a few swoops.

It was great to have some emotion and very strong music to go with the battle. Yet it was awesome to see Brandon kick Paul’s behind (Not literally though). Back when this episode aired, I still loathed Paul for being a airhead jerk. It somewhat warmed my heart that he lost. Up till the point where he grew upset, and I felt bad for him. We’ve never seen him disappointed in himself at all. But in the meantime, this was where Paul learns to improve his battling style, and which he makes a big impression against Ash in their rivalry.

4. Ash VS Conway

I had a feeling Ash would battle Conway at some point, ever since he first appeared at the Hearthome Tag Tournament. But during the Sinnoh League, Ash is matched up against Conway during the Third Round.

Before Ash could battle Conway, he was given no source or insight on what Pokemon he uses in the Sinnoh League. Making a hint that Conway has a tricky battle strategy. So once their battle was under way, I only wonder what he’s got under his sleeves.

When their battle took place, I could already tell that the League was getting better and better. Ash VS Conway totally topped Barry VS Paul in the same Round, since Conway had some of the most unique Pokemon. However, they we’re all creepy in their own way.

-First off, Shuckle uses Sludge Bomb in Gibles mouth, for when its caught from Gible’s chomping. Very gross! I sure feel bad for Gible right there.
-Then, Conway’s Lickilicky uses Lick to, well, lick Gible all over him. Eww, pretty much. Although, his use of Power Whip to knock Gible from under the ground, was a great use of the move.
-Lastly, Dusknoir is creepy already; noting it’s a Ghost type. Plus, his quick Mean Look against Donphan was pretty insane. It’s something I wouldn’t expect to see, yet Conway is pretty slick. Smart move he made though!

One thing I also enjoyed from their battle, was when Gible masters Draco Meteor and makes a huge hit on both Shuckle and Dusknoir. He really makes such an impression from this battle, seeing how strong it’s grown. Plus, he deserves the spotlight here, after getting Sludge Bomb shot it’s mouth, and being licked all over!

On a side note, both Ash’s Noctowl and Donphan made somewhat good attempts from this battle. Noctowl was able to knock out Lickilicky with Extrasensory, though Donphan didn’t land many hits at all. It’s a shame he was the fall back Pokemon here, though his time was serves well during the Battle Frontier.

Battle begins at 4:43

3. Nando VS Zoey

This battle was truly amazing, and long wished for by many fans, including myself. Nando VS Zoey takes place during the first Semi-Final Battle of the Sinnoh Grand Festival, yet it was the best. To explain…

The whole battle defies the laws of the battling in games, yet it’s not surprising (since fusion moves and anime exclusive elements always took a play in the Contest Battles). I looked at this in a good way, considering how well the emotion was between Nando and Zoeys’ perspectives.
One note I make here that defies the laws is when Zoey’s Mismagius uses Lucky Chant. Normally, the move prevents the opponent from landing Critical Hits for a short time, yet the move created bizarre tentacle whips to appear out of Mismagius’s bead on it’s body. She uses this move to also counter Nando’s signature move; Sing, where all the music notes were whipped from Lucky Chant’s attack and sent to plummet onto the ground over Kricketune and Lopunny. Sure, that’s not likely in the games, but that’s a pretty cool Counter attack!

Since we never saw much of a Contest Battle in the DP series, with Nando involved, it was great to see some combinations by him. For example, he uses Kricktune’s Bug Buzz to create a music aurora, and has Lopunny dance all around the stage to make an exquisite performance. Quite a graceful way to show of Lopunny for dancing, and Kricktune as well, for music playing.

For Nando himself, I was glad to see some emotion from him, when he sees what a powerful coordinator Zoey is. After she uses the Lucky Chant counter against him, and for the whole battle against her in general. He really blew my mind away!

For Zoey, she was impressive as well. It’s also been too long, since I saw her in a full length battle (that being Zoey VS May), and it’s amazing to see her power not go to waste. Especially when she uses Double Double Team with her Mismagius and Leafeon to circle around Lopunny and Kricketune. And once Lopunny uses Blizzard on the duplicate Pokemon, Zoey rightfully knew something like that would happen. And for that cause of that, her own Pokemon end up glowing brightly from the Blizzard attack. My mouth started to drop down in awe amazement. Yet it was expected of Nando to attack the Double Team’d Pokemon.

I wished this battle didn’t have to end, yet, after Zoey’s last fusion move, I couldn’t figure out what could top it. Once Zoey has Leafeon use Ariel Ace, with Mismagius using Psywave following Leafeon… it grows some beautiful wings! I seriously couldn’t figure out what could be better, so I was ready for the battle to make a conclusion. Once Leafeon heads right for Kricketune, blocking Leafeon with X-Scissor, the final blow was pretty intense.

So from the over all battle, I was ready to know who wins. With the winner being Zoey, I was not surprised, after watching her amazing performance. Despite Nando losing, this was definitely his best and truly memorable battle.

2. Dawn VS Zoey

One of the most exciting Contest Battles I have been waiting for, was one between Zoey and Dawn. Their first battle took place in Dawn’s first contest, but she lost after a well developed battle. Before their battle in the Finals of the Grand Festival, it was clear to see Zoey and Dawn were both on even levels; on a scale of power and strategy. Though, Zoey is known to be Dawn’s Mentor, she seems to be a tiny bit stronger than Dawn and knows what she’s doing. Especially since Dawn had a long period of struggle, in the beginning of her journey.

When it comes to Dawn and Zoey’s battle in the Final Round of the Grand Festival, it was a great way to end the huge event. Although it’s debatable whether this tops Nando VS Zoey, but I say both battles are on even levels of awesome by my views.

During the battle, Zoey continued to impress me, following her battle with Nando. She was able to take advantage of Dawn’s thrown out attack moves (like Bubblebeam and Aura Sphere by Piplup and Togekiss); first she uses Glameow to shread the Aura Sphere in half, and then uses her Gallade to Psycho Cut the Bubblebeam to make a beautiful glow. Zoey really focuses on how to control the battle, so this battle took a good start, but in Zoey’s favor. I was still cheering for the home team; Dawn.

I found it pretty cool when Zoey had Glameow use Fake Out before Piplup could use Hydro Pump. She’s always a step ahead, and what a good use for the priority move there.

One thing I was disappointed by Dawn, during the battle, was when she falls for the same trick again. Zoey had Glameow charge at Togekiss, using Shadow Claw, yet she’s easily tricking Dawn into take the bait. Because Shadow Claw is a Ghost Type move, yet it won’t affect Normal Type Pokemon like Togekiss. Zoey did the same trick during their battle back at the Jubilife Contest; Dawn took the same bait there. With her doing so, Zoey was able to control both her Pokemon at once, as her Gallade attacks from surprise. Eventually colliding with Piplup, and having Glameow ride on Togekiss. All part of Zoey’s plan. Since Glameow knows Thunderbolt, this can be deadly.

Although, this is where the battle makes the Battle laws not apply. When Glameow is riding on Togekiss in the air, and it uses Thunderbolt right on the dot, Togekiss’s Safeguard protects her from the striking move. Working just like Protect. Lucky for Dawn, since they made the “Prevent Status Changing” move to be a complete protection shield. Giving Togekiss Protect would had worked better, but I’m probably being too harsh here.

I also enjoyed it where both Zoey and Dawn made some pretty sweet collaboration moves, such as a Psybeam Iron Tail that Zoey made. Plus, an Aura Whirlpool that Dawn whips up with her Pokemon. Once the two moves made contact, fireworks flew in the air. Not a bad style of moves to collide with, especially making a even amount of points for the both of them.

Once Dawn and Zoey reach their final peak in the battle, it was ready to end. Both their points were neck and neck, after Piplup and Togekiss unleash the “Sky Attack Peck”, which look magnificently powerful as the eye can see. But Zoey had her own combination to finish it off; the Thunderbolt Psycho Cut. The process of it even looked painful, where Gallade stands straight on top of Glameow’s Tail, where she uses Thunderbolt to power up Gallade’s Psycho Cut. Sound familiar to when Ash uses Pikachu’s Thunderbolt to give him and Swellow Thunder Armor? Maybe.

Finally, Dawn and Zoey’s combination make a huge collision, with some epic music in the background that only makes it better. The tension really rose, as the question was still not know who wins. All in all, when the timer ends, and by just a LITTLE amount of Points more, Zoey wins.

I am sad that Dawn didn’t win, but after looking over the whole battle, it wasn’t a surprise Zoey won. She had her strategy play successfully, and was able to take over the battle more than Dawn was even able to. Plus, Dawn’s performance in the first half of the battle wasn’t on her side, yet she made a comeback to almost tie with Zoey’s power.

This is by far Dawn’s best battle in the DP series, and it was a great conclusion to the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Besides, she may not had won, but she made it to the Top 2. No other main character has reached that far in a main plot Tournament!

1. Ash VS Paul

Here it is. The best battle between two rivals, in all of the DP series. Ash VS his rival Paul, was truly a well developed and exciting duo to battle against. Right from the beginning of the series, and to the conclusion during the Sinnoh League, Ash has had a good rivalry with Paul in the last four years of the show.

Their battles have been fun to watch, and really intense when there are plot holes that make an epic twist. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Paul himself has had some powerful Pokemon to fight against Ash, especially Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire, Ursaring, Weavile, Honchkrow, Magmortar, Torterra and much more. Ash has challenge numerous kinds of Pokemon under Paul’s ownership, while some of them were released by their weak performance from Paul’s judgement.

After looking over Ash and Paul’s battles, they’ve been on a good track. Though, they end up in a draw from their first battle, Paul defeats Ash in their second, and their next battle (after 70+ episodes later), it’s called off due to Chimchar (under Ash’s ownership by now) losing control of it’s ability Blaze.

When the both of them competed in a PokeRinger battle in the Finals, Ash’s Staravia goes off against Paul’s Honchkrow, and barely makes a victory. Due to Staravia evolving at the right time, his newly evolved Staraptor was able to sweep victory from Honchkrow. Especially after an epic Close Combat attack! Staraptor knows how to make these battles cool.

At Lake Acuity, both Ash and Paul planned to have a full 6 on 6 battle, and it went off as promised. This was one of the most intense battles before their meet up in the Sinnoh League. The battle even lasted for two episodes, and where Ash’s Chimchar finally evolves into Monferno! Noting that the battle was up to Monferno, when Paul had already took down Ash’s five other Pokemon and Ash only took out two of Paul’s.

When it came right down to it, Monferno and Electabuzz made the final blow, to determine who won this battle. All in all, Paul easily won the battle. And better yet, his most major win from a battle against Ash.

And for a long period of time, the time came for Ash and Paul to battle in the Sinnoh League. This rivalry did not need to end one, or two, but THREE episodes! Their battle at the Lily of the Valley Island lasted for three episodes long, and made a great conclusion to their rivalry.

By this time, Paul was still adamant to Ash, but he grew some respect for him. I’m also surprised to see Paul use new Pokemon to face off against Ash, except for Electivire. But Ash using his Sinnoh League team, besides his Oak’d Pokemon, was quite a surprise as well. It seemed as though he wants to finish off his rivalry with Paul for the Pokemon he’s battled with. No problem there!

Their battle went on for quite a long time, and there was especially a two week wait between Parts 1 and 2. Boy, the wait was worth it after Part 2 concluded. Paul had made a lot of new strategies, and he knew how to take down Ash’s Pokemon once he realized all the Pokemon Ash was going to bring. Heck, Paul’s Drapion even wipes out half of Ash’s Pokemon with Toxic Spikes and Pin Missle alone. The only damage it takes was from Buizel’s Water Gun, before Drapion knocks it out, then slams Staraptor to take the poison on the ground, and then crashes with Torterra from a somewhat good match. It was only a shame that Torterra would nearly defeat Drapion, and it gets knocked out completely after using Synthesis.

I also found it pretty sneaky of Paul to teach his East Sea Gastrodon the Counter Shield that Ash came up with, and when Ash used it against him during their battle at Lake Acuity. When it was facing off against Staraptor, and had it trap under it’s aquatic body, I thought it was over the top awesome of Staraptor to break free from using Close Combat on the ground. It nearly cost him a loss in the beginning of the battle. Once Buizel is sent out, his performance was pretty great! After he lands a good Ice Punch on Gastrodon, and freezes it’s body, it was no doubt defeated!

Before their battle begun, Gliscor came back for Ash’s battle with Paul. Where it makes it’s role in the battle during Part 2, and to face off against Ninjask. But because Paul takes advantage of Ninajask’s speed and Fury Cutter, Gliscor was pretty banged up from one Pokemon. Although, Gliscor makes a good comeback when it battles Drapion and lands a good Giga Impact and Blazing Fire Fang. Eventually knocking it out, at last!

Pikachu contributed a lot to their battle as well, while not taking the spotlight at all. Ash calls out Pikachu for the first match up, against Paul’s Aggron. But for a bad match up, and wit Aggron’s Metal Sound and Rock Head, Ash was smart to recall Pikachu. That low defense was sent down a LOT lower.
However, Pikachu faces off against Paul’s Frosslass pretty well. While the tension felt very mysterious and ominous, due to Froslas’s Snow Cloak, it made the battle’s excitment continue. But for Pikachu’s performance, he was a good match up against her. After it charges at Froslass with Volt Tackle, inside the Ice she trapped him in, she was out of here!

For the final battle, the spotlight was all for Ash’s Infernape. He knocks out Paul’s Aggron with Flare Blitz and still stands after their intense collision. After a break, he’s called back out, to face off against Ninjask, while taking the affect of Drapion’s Toxic Spikes. After realizing this, I was quite amazed to see how Ash was able to subside the affect of Toxic Spikes. He has Infernape use Dig and unleash a Flare Blitz from underground. Which causes the battle field to be Poison free! While taking care of the side effect, Infernape then wipes out Ninajsk with Mach Punch, as it circles Infernape while using Giga Drain. Smart move to use on him, but yet a good open spot for Ash to take the win!

Paul’s Electivire was no push over as well, for when he came out as Paul’s final Pokemon. In quick time, he was able to take out Ash’s Gliscor despite having a type advantage (Gliscor having a part Ground type; which makes him vunerable to Electric attacks). But Paul makes Electivire use Thunder on the battle field, and causes the crumbling rocks to rise and fall down on Gliscor. Which makes a lot of damage when you think about it. Smart move. Smart move indeed. But once Electivire catches Gliscor with his tails, and lands a Brick Break, Gliscor was out of here.
Electivire even matches up with Pikachu to following, and ends up doing the same hing to him as he did to Gliscor. But Pikachu still breaks free and lands some hits on Electivire, without using Electric moves. In fact, they could only use Quick Attack, Iron Tail and Brick Break. Ash is aware that Electivire’s Ability is Motor Drive; so if he attacks with Thunderbolt or Volt Tackle, Electivire absorbs the electricity and raise it’s Speed. He eventually does this, to land a Iron Tail. Oddly, this occurs successfully, but Paul wasn’t going to let this happen again. He remembers that Ash tries to use Iron Tail to end the battle, during their first battle back from the beginning of the DP series. And now that Electivire blocks Pikachu’s Iron Tail with one hand, he uses his OTHER hand to attack with Brick Break. After that, Pikachu was done.

Now for Ash and Paul’s final match up for their final battle. While Paul had his Electivire, Ash brings out Infernape again, as his last Pokemon. The two Pokemon continue their rivalry here as well, as they fought as Electabuzz and Monferno, it was time for one last go.

Prior to the full battle here in the Sinnoh League, Infernap has already taken damage, given the added effect of Poison from Toxic Spikes, it as dangerous to wonder if he was going to defeat Electivire.

Their start off for the battle may have been a few hits there and there, while everyone notices how intense the battle is, than from any other battle Ash and Paul have had. But the most suspenseful part happens when Electivire shocks Infernape with it’s tails, and has Infernape nearly fainted on the ground. It feels as though the battle is over, while Paul looks down on Infernape, saying how pathetic and weak it still is (overall from his treatment for it, when Infernape was just a Chimchar under Paul’s past ownership).
However, this wasn’t the case for Ash. He and Infernape were ready to fire things off! Right when we believe Infernape is defeated, he activates Blaze and unleashes the most enormous fire there ever hopes to be!!
Now, Infernape’s Fire Type moves are increased to the max! He even lands some big moves on Electivire, such as a quick Flamethrower and Mach Punch in just short time. Now to end it off, Infernape collides with Flare Blitz and Electivire’s ThunderPunch. Tension is rose to the highest point possible, with the epic music in the background playing to the most increased emotion.

Right on the dot, and while Infernape just takes recoil damage from Flare Blitz, Electivire gets a huge explosion on him, after their collided moves fade out. For a short, and dead, silence, both Pokemon still stand after the intense attack. Now, the question still stands, who wins?

…In short time, Electivire falls down… Ash wins!!! Awe man, what a great victory over his rival, and after three episodes, I am not disappointed in the slightest. I can’t believe how amazing the results turned out, although it wasn’t a surprise. At least when you know how it will all turn out in the end. But it’s great to watch a battle to the fullest, as you get the entire experience from it. After their battle, we only look up again at the same words used in the legend by Cynthia:

“When a life meets another life, something will be born”; Paul and Ash hated each other at first, but now they’re grown and respected one another. It’s amazing how much has changed in just four years, while we look at the history between Ash and Paul. This was truly the most well developed rivalry, and it ends with a great concluded battle. Paul will surely be missed, while the series continues beyond Diamond and Pearl. I can only hope Ash has a Rival in the future that will top his rivalry with Paul.

Their first battle

The end of their final battle


That about does it. The battles in the Sinnoh Region have been great to watch, good or bad from my opinions, and I look forward to what battles happen during the upcoming Pokemon Black & White Anime. I also had the request of posting my article on February 5th, 2011, Today, as this dates the final episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl airing in the US Dub. Now that Ash and the gang’s Sinnoh saga is complete, it’s time to move on for much bigger things. Generation 4 will be missed, and especially the DP anime for pulling off a great show for the past four years on TV.

As the finale goes, Memories are Pearls, Friendship is a Diamond! However, in the US, memories are made of Bliss!

Don’t forget, the thirteenth movie of Pokemon, Zoroark: Master of Illusions, airs today (Saturday) at 6pm CST on Cartoon Network. To end the DP series off properly, we will have the chance to watch the last bit of Ash and the gangs journey in Sinnoh, plus the introduction of the first revealed Unova Pokemon: Zorua and Zoroark! All in Movie 13 tonight, before we move onto the Unova Region for more!

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