Community Pokémon Archive: The Light Beyond Black and White by DNAbro

Welcome back to the Community Pokémon Archive, a collection of Pokémon inspired articles from members of the community. Today’s article was written by DNAbro, who chose to write about what we can expect from Game Freak in the Pokémon department in the next few years. Apologies to DNAbro for taking a while to post this.

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The Light Beyond Black and White

Pokémon Gray

Out of all the games I will be talking about, this one is probably the most likely to happen. Every generation so far there has been an extra game with improvements to the other games, such as an upgraded story and the battle frontier. Yellow for Blue and Red, Crystal for Gold and Silver, Emerald for Sapphire and Ruby, and Platinum for Pearl and Diamond. So the track record shows that we should expect a new game. But the questions are what new features will be added to Gray and what system will it be for. With the 3DS coming out at the end of March, it makes me wonder how Nintendo will handle Pokémon Gray. I do not believe that it will come out for DS. An obvious feature would be to add a new Battle Frontier, hopefully with 7 Battle Facilities instead of 5. Since I believe it will come for the 3DS, I assume there will be something in the game that shows off the 3DS power. Will the game be a huge graphical overhaul? Probably not but I think it will be safe to say that new areas will take advantage of 3D. Finally, the cover Pokémon will likely be the Dragon-Ice type Kyurem (Japanese name).

Chance of happening: 90%
Possible release date: Japan late 2013, US/Europe early 2014

5th gen Mystery Dungeon

The Mystery Dungeon series is a Pokémon spin-off where you are a Pokémon and you team up with other Pokémon on adventures in randomly generated dungeons. The latest Mystery Dungeon games were for the Nintendo Wii and were WiiWare games. Chances are we will see this game for the 3DS though. The Wii Mystery Dungeon features the same 3D sprites seen in My Pokémon Ranch so will the 3DS one have 3D sprites too? There is a good chance that this will happen. Nintendo wants to show off 3D in most of their games so I believe that we will see a 3D Mystery Dungeon game.

Chance of happening: 65%
Possible release date: Japan early 2012, US/Europe late 2013

Sequel to Pokémon Coliseum/XD

If you are not familiar with the Coliseum/XD series, the series was released for the GameCube and involves an evil organization that takes Pokémon and makes them evil, turning them into Shadow Pokémon. It is your job to steal these Pokémon back and purify them. These games had much more story than the core games and the capturing and purifying system was interesting. Ever since the Wii has been out, I always thought that there might be a sequel coming but it has never come. A sequel with the new Pokémon from Black and White would be a dream comes true. Recently there have been rumors of a sequel coming soon that might be announced soon. At this point it seems unlikely that we will see a release. If we don’t see it sometime this year, don’t expect it at all.

Chance of happening: 17%
Possible release date: Japan late 2011, US/Europe early 2012

New Pokémon Ranger

Unfortunately I haven’t played any of the Ranger games so I don’t know much about them. I do know you take the role of a Pokémon Ranger who temporarily captures Pokémon to help you. The future of this series is uncertain thanks to the 3DS. Will Nintendo make another 2D one or a 3D Pokémon Ranger? Could it work in 3D? The only option would be to use the Slide Pad on the 3DS since I would expect the captures to happen on the top 3D screen. This might be one of series that will not be coming back thanks to the 3DS.

Chance of happening: 30%
Possible release date: Japan late 2012, US/Europe early 2013

New Pokémon IP

Well this is one is very broad. This could be absolutely any new Pokémon game that is not already in a series. I’m sure Nintendo will have something up their sleeves for the 3DS. I just hope it is not another puzzle game (even though they are usually good.).

Chance of happening: 50%
Possible release date: Unknown

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remake

The 3rd generation is my personal favorite so I would absolutely love this. For a tentative title I came up with Blazing Ruby and Shimmering Sapphire. So what will this game be like? It will likely be the first core Pokémon to be made for specifically for the 3DS. So will this mean that everything is in 3D? I’m going to take a risk and say…..YES! I can’t be the only one who has wanted a core 3D Pokémon game for years. Pokémon Gray doesn’t seem like a good candidate for the switch to 3D because it will be an upgrade. This will be the most likely choice for the switch to 3D. Can you imagine seeing the Hoenn in full 3D? I really hope we will see this.

Chance of happening: 3D 40%, 2D 60%
Possible release date: Japan late 2014, US/Europe early 2015

A New Pokémon Stadium

Awwwww yeah, who wouldn’t want this? Probably for the Wii (or a new Nintendo system if it’s out by then) would be great. 3D Pokémon battles, great online system, ability to face all gym leaders ever, DLC, amazing mini-games (featuring punch Ash in the Face and Catch Pikachu to make him Evolve) and the ability to play Black and White on HDTV, and while we are dreaming it comes with REAL POKÉMON!

Chance of happening: OVER 9000% or more likely 0.00000000000000000000000001%
Possible release date: Feb. 36, 201356 or after the eternity.

6th Gen Pokémon

Well we all know this will eventually happen. There are obvious things like 150 new Pokémon added to the current amount and new Gym leaders but I do have some interesting predictions. Even more emphasis on the story than Black and White and if full 3D is not introduced in Ruby and Sapphire remake, expect it here. It would be very surprised if Nintendo doesn’t do this.
Chance of happening: 100%, 3D 75%

So these are my opinion on what I think will happen. What about you guys?

15 thoughts on “Community Pokémon Archive: The Light Beyond Black and White by DNAbro”

  1. Great list! but am I the only one who really wants to see a new Pokemon Snap?! They could do a lot with the game on the Wii, or 3DS would be pretty sweet, too. I know it’s not going to happen but a guy can dream

  2. I’m not sure why you would think ranger will die off. The 3DS is capable of doing everything the DS can do (it is backward compatible after all) and the DS proved multiple times over that the quality of gameplay == using every possible gimmick the handheld is capable of. I think that ranger will continue, as it is probably the most popular Pokemon spinoff, but we won’t see a sequel for a little while since the new one just came out.

  3. I’m loving all the possibilities here, Dnabro, nice article!

    And on the same boat as Lothis, I believe Pokemon Ranger will continue on; it ‘is’ pretty popular. I’ve even enjoyed the last game recently (Guardian Signs), so I don’t see why they has to stop here. 😛 Especially when there’s a lot of avenues and adaptions to work with the 3DS.

    Plus, it’s a given that Pokemon will be on the 3DS, thanks to a recent interview with someone who works with Pokemon. So maybe one of these games will jump right into the new system!

  4. I would love to see a Ruby and Sapphire remake. Those were my favorite games as well and if they came out in 3D that would be Heaven in a little cartridge. Another Shadow Pokemon game would be amazing and who doesn’t want a thrid Pokemon Stadium. I miss the Cups and Gymleader castle. Instead we got Battle Revolution which bores me after an hour or so of playing.

  5. Thanks to the comments guys. As i said in the article im not very familiar with the ranger series. I guess this was the opinion of someone who hasn’t even tried any of the games.

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