Copy Cat Minecraft Coming to 360

An incredibly transarent copy of Minecraft named Fortresscraft is coming to Xbox Live Indie games in an episodic format. It looks exactly the same and the first episode is even described as a “Co-op sandbox”. The blocks are similar except they have a more HD look rather than the pixelly textures in Minecraft. The worst part is that the developer is not even denying it saying they are glad for copy’s and that there are no grounds for a lawsuit. Considering the popularity of Minecraft I can’t see this game taking off anyway. It’s still pretty blatant. Check out the video after the jump to see what you think.


8 thoughts on “Copy Cat Minecraft Coming to 360”

  1. Well notch has already adressed this. It’s fine by him apparently, he finds it as flattery even. And this definitely ain’t the first clone of minecraft, in fact to a small degree minecraft itself is a clone of infiniminer, so there ain’t nothing to truly worry about. It it sells, it sells, if it don’t, it don’t.

  2. Wow. I’m kind of surprised Notch isn’t even that mad. If I were him, I would file a lawsuit if there were grounds for one. Personally, I wish Mojang made this because I think they deserve it and all the money this game receives.

    None the less, I would get this if it came out on the ps3.

  3. I’ve spent about 5 minutes looking around the Interwebz and what I’ve found is hilarious. My first introduction to the whole “reskin” copy was Super Mario Bros. 2. The latest one I can think of off the top of my head would be 3D Dot Game Heroes. Some not direct copies are…well everything that wasn’t first in it’s genre. Rockstar’s Table Tennis is a reskin of Pong! (lulz)

    Yeah, it’s a nul argument, especially since Notch probably has no intention of porting off PC/Mac onto consoles, so this is a good thing. More so because the plans for Fortesscraft are not to completely clone Minecraft. I mean there is that crazy Starcraft copy, Starfront: Collision for iOS devices.

    1. I did say bad in the post but I just think maybe not the best idea to name it something craft and have it look sooooo similar. I do know about Infinicraft too which Minecraft is similar too. Ill probably buy it anyway because I like the look.

      1. Sorry, if it sounded like I was bashing your article. At the time of writing I was bashing people whining on other forums and blogs in my head.

        What I was specifically trying to say was that clones/reskins/copies are commonplace in the market, and it’s just a matter of how much did they change which sparks arguments. In the case of Fortesscraft, people are blowing up over it across forums because it has -craft in the name and initially appears as a reskinned Minecraft (As you just said).

        Not saying it’s good or bad, but just throwing out there that true creativity and innovation are hard to come by when it seems everything has already been done and the “safe” things are reused because they are guaranteed to rake in users/money.

        (Sorry again if I sound like I’m bashing on you in this post)

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