Demon’s Soul’s Sequel Named Dark Souls

Demon’s Soul’s was a surprising hit for Atlus when they brought it over to the states. The slow, methodical, and difficult RPG fights against you wanting to play it, but somehow it captured the attention of tons of PS3 gamers. The potential spiritual sequel Project Dark has turned into an actual sequel named Dark Souls. It’s ditching the story of the first game and will have no ties to the Kingdom of Boletaria. They are keeping the same gameplay structure and expanding upon some of the online features that made the first game so unique. They have also said that the world will no longer be segmented, but will have more in common with most open RPG’s with a large continuous world.

The best news is that the game is set to come out this year world wide on both the PS3 and the 360. Now everyone can leave teeth marks in their shiny controllers.


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