Double Fine working on Sesame Street Kinect Game

I know it sounds crazy, but Double Fine is making a liscenced game. Even crazier it’s a Kinect game for kids based on the beloved Sesame street TV show. It promises to feature Elmo and other puppets from the show. It looks like the game wil let you control an odd monster and task you with doing various thing such as pretending to fly or dance. Tim Scaeffer expressed how much Sesame Street effected him and his team when they were kids and how excited he was to be able to bring that experience to his children. It’s called Once Upon a Monster and it is not clear whether it will be a retail or downloadable game, however I imagine any kids focused title would be a boxed product.

While I probably won’t play much if any of this game I am very pleased to see good developers working on games for kids.


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