Europe getting Duodecim Dissidia Legacy Edition

Looking forward to Square-Enix’s latest fighter featuring characters of the Final Fantasy series? Check out the title’s special Legacy Edition! The package is a bit light, but it definitely has some stuff worth looking at here.

First up, players get a special white case and artwork, that won’t be found with the standard edition version of the title, creating a fancy little collector’s package. Within the package you’ll find six lithogram art prints of Kain, Yuna, Vaan, and a few more characters. You’ll also find a voucher inside for downloadable costumes for Tifa and Squall along with another voucher for 50% off your purchase of Final Fantasy I and II off PSN.

Again, a bit of a light package, but the fancy art and cards look worth it. You can check out the bundle after the jump.

Duodecim Dissidia: Final Fantasy is set for March 25th in Europe. North Americans can grab the title three days earlier, on the 22nd. No legacy edition announced for North America yet.

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