Felicia Day Writing and Starring in Dragon Age Web Series

The fantastic, cute, and funny Felicia Day, if you can’t tell I am a fan, of The Guild is going to write and star in a series of Dragon Age web shows. No information yet on where they will be available or how but she did say on twitter that she was approached by Bioware to make them. It won’t be out before the game, but it will be out some time later this year. It will star Felicia Day as an elven Assassin named Tallis. There is no information on what her backround as an elf, whether she is a City elf or a Woodland elf, it should also have a bit of humor but mostly a dramatic series. It will run 6 episodes and to assuage the fears of any fellow The Guild fans The Guild just got picked up for a 5th season and will continue on.


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