Final Fantasy IV PSP includes Extra chapter

Yet more news from Famitsu today! For anyone who thought that six ports wasn’t enough, FFIV PSP will be the definitive release of the game including redone sprites, arranged music (You can switch to the original music any time you want), a gallery mode including pictures and movies included in the game as well as bundling in FFIV: The After Years which was previously only avaliable through Japanese cell phones and through WiiWare. As well as containing these, a brand new chapter would also be included in the collection. The chapter entitled “Interlude” will be created by Takashi Tokida who originally worked on FFIV and it will take place between the two games, starting with the heroes gathering at Damcyan castle to mark the recovery of the castle. The game will have its regular and standard editions released on March 24th and there is no word on an English localisation (It’s Final Fantasy so it’ll probably happen).

Source: (Andriasang)

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