First Online Enhanced Virtual Console Title

The content of Virtual Consoles titles, for the most part, are unaltered. Unless there are legal reasons, of course. But SEGA is doing something we had no idea was possible on the Virtual Console, at least by Nintendo’s approval. They’re adding online functionality to a title.

SEGA Puyo-Puyo series is getting a release on Nintendo’s Virtual Console Arcade in Japan. The title will fully support an online multiplayer mode.

While you may not be pumped for some online Puyo-Puyo action, this opens up a huge amount of possibilities for classic titles on the Virtual Console. Playing friends online in the original Smash Bros or taking it co-op in Contra would definitely be welcome features. We will have to wait and see though if this functionality moves out of just this one title.  Maybe we’ll eventually see the same on the 3DS with the Virtual Console, emulating using system link on Gameboy or something.

What classics would you like to see with online enhancements?

(Source: NintendoLife)
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6 thoughts on “First Online Enhanced Virtual Console Title”

    1. I think it’s safe to say that you’d just have to download an update for the game. After StarFox 64 came out on Virtual Console, there was an update for it that, as I recall, made the control stick more sensitive for the GameCube controller. You simply just downloaded the update from the game’s page on the Wii Shop Channel.

      Unfortunately, I feel it’s rather unlikely that already released games will see a wi-fi update as it’s not a new feature. It’s been available to developers since the Wii launched, and yet this is the first game to take advantage of this, four years into the system’s life span.

      I really would love to see games already on the store get Wi-Fi updates though, especially Mario Party 2 (like DNAbro said) and Super Smash Bros. Actually, pretty much any N64 game with multiplayer already on the store deserves a Wi-Fi update, but that’s just my opinion.

      tl;dr- You’d just have to update the game, not repurchase the title.

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