French Bread confirms Under Night in Birth & Melty Blood HD

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the recent French Bread news (It’s rather tasty if I do say so myself!). They announced yesterday that thir new project entitled “Under Night in Birth” would be a HD fighting game at full widescreen resolution. The game itself will have a style that leads an homage to various light novels and detective novels. The game is ~40% complete and will be out at the end of the Winter. Along with this, a free patch for Melty Blood: Current Code will be avalible from this spring. The patch will include new characters such as Powered Ciel (Because Regular Ciel clearly wasn’t powerful enough) along with another character being added in the summer. Type Moon have also considered releasing a HD version of Melty Blood although at these early stages of development, nothing is certain. A trailer for Under Night in Birth can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Melty Bread)

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