Gimme Five! Best New Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White

Regular readers know that my first article in this series caused a bit of an uproar. While everyone was generally very civil and understanding, there was a lot of proof that messing with even the fewest number of these cuddly cock-fighting monsters will unleash a flood of opinions the likes of which this site had not seen before. There was an implication that nobody seemed to get, though: if I disliked those five, it follows that I like all the others at least a little bit. And that’s true! In fact, this new batch of Pokemon is really good, with a lot of clever designs and fun analogues to real animals. There are a few that particularly caught my eye as being especially awesome. Here are the top ones!

5. Tympole

Seriously, just look at that guy. How can you hate on a face like that? It’s so inquisitive! “Hey man, why do you have to hit me with the punches and your body and such? Well I guess I am some kind of drum tadpole so that does make some sense. Come on, forget that, let’s just sit, have some water or something.” I hope he becomes the new sidekick on the cartoon. I love Pikachu and all, but this little guy giving everyone and everything that look would make for great television. He wouldn’t even have to talk!

4. Stoutland

Moustaches make everything better, it’s a universal fact. So when you take a terrier – an already great lapdog – and give it a ‘stache that can actually be called truly epic, your designers are doing everything right. I truly hope it’s Giga Impact is done by slamming that facial glory into the earth.

3. Drilbur/Excadrill

“Yay, I am cute! I have a big nose! Give me a hug, we can hang out with the Digletts! RAAAR NOW I AM MADE OF KNIVES FEAR ME.”

2. Rufflet/Braviary

I do love me some big birds, whether in real life, video games, or on PBS. So I am exceedingly glad that not only have they added the glorious eagle into their buddy bestiary, but they got it’s life cycle down perfectly. Just like a real eagle, it starts out all fluffy and adorable, like a cotton ball with a beak, and then BAM, the proud symbol of freedom swooping down and eating Bidoofs one by one. Not only does it start out with one head feather and then ends up with a headdress, it’s colored red, white and blue! If you don’t name yours Colbert Jr., you have failed AMERICA.

1. Snivy

Now this is a starter that got everything right. For one, it’s evolution is very clever, with it losing it’s limbs as it evolves to become more snake-like. The design is also spot-on, with it’s simple lines and decorations becoming very regal and embellished as it gets bigger. That embellishment fits it’s personality perfectly, which is the best thing about this little grass snake. Of all the personalities that Pokemon have, smug and cocky has been a rare one, and none so clearly as this little guy/girl. It’s as if the attitude of Paris Hilton were put into something actually useful and worth existing. Also, it’s a grass type. Grass types are awesome.

So, what are your new favorites? Share them with everyone in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Gimme Five! Best New Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White”

  1. You’re 1 monster away from having a whole team! Also your Braviary will totally have to fight my… my uhh… um… ok when I finally pick one of the many Flying-types I love in B/W, YOUR SNEAKY EAGLEBIRD WILL HAVE TO FIGHT IT.

  2. Several thoughts, let me enumorate them to keep some semblence of order.

    1) Somehow I knew Smugleaf would make it on the list.
    2)That can’t be coincidence… an eagle based pokemon that is red white and blue?
    3) Stoutland used Epic Mustache. It’s SUPER MANLY!
    4) Hehe, you said Cockfight.

  3. Great choices Toast. I hav eto agree with you on Snivy and Braviary. Those two, Scrafty, Chandelure, and Sawk and Throh are my favorites. It could just be my overwhelming love for Fighting types though. Good job and nice choices.

  4. Looks like we like some of the same Pokemon from this gen. My top 5 are:
    1. Oshawott line
    2. Krookodile
    3. Braviary
    4. Snivy
    5. Galvantula

    Darmanitan and Excadrill are up there too.

  5. Chandelure is easily my favorite of this gen, by far. I can’t wait to get one on my team~

    As for others, I’m rather fond of the Snivy line as well [this might be the first gen where I actually pick grass as my starter and not fire], as well as Cofagrigus. I also really like Tabunne [whose English name escapes me at the moment…]

    Oh, and Oshawott. I’d pick that if I wasn’t already really fond of Snivy’s final evo.

  6. Toast, this article is so controversial and offensive (well… to me personally, I guess) that I am leaving TSG forever. I hope you enjoy ruining Pokemon for years to come. Love, Phil

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