No More Guitar Heros

Guitar Hero has been cancelled a franchise for the foreseeable future. It’s not entirely crazy with the way that Music games have been going after Rock band 2. This is the second title that we now have proof that Activision’s style of milking kills its cows. This same thing happened with the Tony Hawk Franchise as that got big and eventually crashed with the recent Tony Hawk Ride. Guitar Hero is the biggest cancellation, but other than that they canned True Crime: Hong Kong and many other minor games. At this point the games that Activision has coming out are Call of Duty, Nascar, and a game based on Family Guy. Things are looking grim for the more serious game player as far as things coming out of Activision. They also confirmed that there will be no Blizzard releases in 2011, but there will be 2 in 2012.

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