Marvelous Cancels Major PS3 And Xbox 360 RPG

Marvelous are most well known for their work on the Harvest moon series, as well working on No More Heroes and Little King’ Story (Ironic the creator of Little King’s Story now works with the Director of No More Heroes). It’s a shame that the ompanyannounced today they they have had to cance development on a large scale HD RPG Planned for both HD consoles. This is attributed to the game being inappropriate for the current gaming maret with the cancelation causing losses of around 245 million yen. In recent years, the company has been havng much greater success with low budget titles such as Browser games like Harvest Moon Frontier and Ikki Tousen. Wile the company has had moderate successes such as Harvest Moon Futago no Mura and Fate Extra, it seems that the fate of the company is still unassured (Anyone still waitng for a Marvelous RPG can at least look forward to Rune Factory Oceans for the PS3 & Wii which will be released on the 24th.

Source: (Andriasang)

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