New Details on Yakuza: Of The End

Yakuza: Of the End is a bit of an odd tangent of the Yakuza series. While it seems to be maintaining the lifestyle of Japan quality that makes the first three games so beloved in Japan, the main conceit this time is shooting zombies. I know almost every franchise in America has added zombies in some way in recent times, but this actually seems interesting.

Check out some new details on the kinds of activities and features you can expect when the game comes out in Japan.

Andriasang has a slew of features being toted such as the ability to makes partners. You can apparently come across characters in the world that have specific subplots that once you complete allow you to use them as a partner while you are fighting zombies in the quarantine zone.

They also have Gary’s Boot Camp which seems to be a bit of a mini game area where you can play shooting gallery games and short levels where you are blasting away zombies. It seems neat that they would put this kind of recreational activity alongside the standard’s like bowling and golf.

There is also the Kamurocho Underground which you may remember if you played previous Yakuza games. Previously it was the seedy underbelly of Kamurocho where there were fight clubs and strange parties. It has sense been sealed off after the outbreak and in Yakuza: Of The End it serves as a randomly generated dungeon that you can fight through.

All these features make the game sound amazing. I really hope Sega decides to bring it out here. It seems likely since the gameplay has been made into a shooter rather than an RPG beat-em-up.

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