NIS America Announces Cave Story 3D

With Cave Story on WiiWare and DSiWare, you might have thought that you had seen the last for Cave Story for awhile. But NIS America won’t let that happen, as they have announced that they will be bringing the title to 3DS! But this isn’t just your simple port of the WiiWare of DSiWare version.

The title is, still, the original Cave Story that all the fans know and love. But now it is getting a major face-lift, complete with 3D polygonal graphics.  Even so, despite being 3D, the title is still going to be a side scroller, keeping the classic gameplay intact. The musical score is also going to be revamped, although it will still lean towards its 8-bit roots. Otherwise, Cave Story fans can look forward to finding secrets and easter eggs hidden throughout the game.

Unlike the previous versions, Cave Story 3D will be sold via retail. While no pricing is confirmed, you can expect to see the title coming this Summer.

In the meantime, you can check out GameRadar’s interview, which delves more into the development side of things. They also have some concept art for the old and new versions of Cave Story you can check out.

4 thoughts on “NIS America Announces Cave Story 3D”

  1. … I’m not so excited about this.

    I have a hard time seeing a game like cave story in 3D. I know it can be done, and quite well, but cave story has that perfect mix of classic challenge that 3D graphics seem to take away from newer games.

    I’ll wait until we get video, or pictures before I reach a real decision.



    I’m buying it even if I don’t have a 3DS when it’s released. SO MUCH YES

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