No 3DS Features for Pokemon Black and White

With the DSi we got a handful of enhanced titles that made use of the DSi’s exclusive features. Almost immedialty after Pokemon Black and White were announced for DS and not 3DS, we have been wondering if there would be a special treat for those who pop the title in on their shiny new systems March 27th. And while the rumors have been flying around for months, it seems the final answer is no.

Pokemon Black and White Director, Junichi Masuda, specifically said, “other than just being able to play the game normally, there’s nothing special if you use a 3DS.

Oh, well. We will live. I’m sure there will be a Pokemon title on 3DS soon enough to make full use of the platform’s features. In the mean time, enjoy Pokemon Black and White when they launch early next month.

Also be sure to check out our Classic Pokemon Marathon starting March 11th!

(Source: Joystiq)

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