“No Plans” for Catherine Outside of Japan?

Atlus’ first HD title, Catherine, definitely has caught the eyes of quite a few with its sexual themes and…Well, for just being plain weird. So, when will be getting our hands on a English release for the title? Well, not right now that’s for sure.

BeefJack Games contacted Atlus about the title and got a reply from a represenative of the publisher. “Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!

Of course, the key phrase to note there is “at this time.” The title just launched in Japan, so it could be awhile till Atlus is ready for an official announcement.

Atlus is pretty good about localizing most of the titles they launch in Japan. Although the heavy sexual themes could possibly be working against the title. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, Atlus will be launching The Cursed Crusade this Summer! That’s kind of like Catherine, right?

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