Paxton to be Playable in F.3.A.R. Single Player

While Paxton has always been planned as being playable in Fthrear (It’s been awhile since I’ve used that!), he was only available when a friend was around. Now, even if you don’t have any friends you can enjoy Paxton and all his playable goodness.

While Pointman has players playing the title as a typical first person shooter, Paxton has, what can only be described as super death mind powers. He can essentially force push enemies, crush them, throw them, etc. He can also take over the mind of enemy soldiers, allowing the player to control that unit.

The one catch? Well, you can only play as Paxton after you’ve beaten a level using Pointman. So while you can’t jump right into Fthrear tearing everyone to pieces, you can do so on any level you have previously completed.

If you want a glimpse of what Paxton has to offer to Fthrear’s gameplay, hit the jump for the latest trailer.

(Source: VG247)

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