Rumor: Gamestop Reveals NGP Price and Release Date

Gamestop doesn’t seem to have a problem with listing prices for products it hasn’t received official prices for, but even so they now have the NGP listed for a release date of January 1st, 2012 (which also seems like a strange date) on their website, but more importantly, with a price tag of $299.99.

Again, this is ONLY A RUMOR so take this information with a grain of salt. A $300 price tag seems appropriate for the NGP, which would notably be more expensive than the 3DS (but we were already expecting that), but with more potential capabilities than Nintendo’s handheld. No matter what, a price in this rumored range is definitely a lot better than the Playstation 3 at launch date ($599.99).

Time will tell if this rumor proves to be true, but, more than likely, Gamestop just has this information posted as a placeholder. Personally, I think there old placeholder of $999.99 is soooooo much more believable.

(Source: Gamesradar)

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  1. That’s a Placeholder to allow the SKU to be added to their database if I ever saw one. And I have seen them cause we have a similar system at work. Couple years it was updated to allow a TBA as a valid date for a product in the device database.

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