Rumor: Halo Remake Launching November 15th

Rumor has been floating around about a Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake for awhile.  And while we still no confirmation or evidence of its existence, words keep getting thrown around behind the scenes. The latest word? The title will be launching the same day the original launched; November 15th.

Based off what Joystiq has heard, 343 industries is at the helm of this project with Saber Interactive as the man power behind it . It sounds like the  entire game is getting face lift with all new art assets as well 3D support.  The controls are getting some changes made as well to bring it up to speed with the more recent titles. And while the source didn’t go into specifics about multiplayer, on-line co-op seems to be in consideration.

With all the HD remakes flying around today, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is solid. If we’re going to hear about the title, you can probably expect to see it at E3.

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