Rumor: Sony Talks NGP Developer Strategy

There was only a sea of rumors before NGP’s official announcement, but now it’s time for the rumors to roll in again. Eurogamer talked to an unnamed source that attended a developer briefing for the NGP. And through him, Eurogamer was able to get their hands on some information.

According to this developer, “NGP is a developer’s dream – Sony is finally doing the things developers have been crying out for for years.” He said, in general, they are streamlining the whole development process and making it easier for developers to create games, as well as port software to from the PlayStation 3.

At the briefing Sony had WipEout HD running on the NGP using all the same art assests as the PS3, running in full resolution, using the same lighting, etc, but on a smaller screen. Sony’s encouraging developers to create titles cross platform between NGP and PS3, but also urges them to make NGP exclusive features to differentiate the software.

The inside source says Sony listed NGP as Holiday 2011 for the 3G model and just 2011 for the Wi-Fi model (both dates for Europe). Sony assured developers that the pricing and launch date will be revealed “very soon.

In a completely different, but related story, the EEDAR made some guesstimates on the pricing of the NGP. Keep in mind, this is complete speculation. EEDAR is expecting a $249.99 to $299.99 price point for the Wi-Fi only model. While they didn’t toss anything in the hat for the 3G version, they believe this version will be more successful in Europe and Asia due to the higher performance and lower costs of phone networks in those regions. They also speculate that the software will range between $39.99 and $49.99.

(EEDAR Speculation Source: Joystiq)
(EEDAR Speculation Via: VG247)

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