Serebii Confirms Official List of New Pokémon English Names

For most people, the English names for the new Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon Black and White Versions is no secret at all. A few weeks ago, the list was leaked online and was regarded as a rumor until IGN released the names of several Pokémon, all of which matched the names on the list.

The list quickly spread around the Internet, appearing on sites like Pokébeach. Nintendo wasn’t happy that the list had gotten out, and many sites were forced to take it down. Serebii, who was legally obligated to keep the names a secret, was also angered by the leak.

However, these issues were soon forgotten when Serebii finally got the green light to reveal the names a few days ago, and has since updated his entire site with the names. The only names that weren’t revealed were the legendaries that are to be given out as events later on. Given Game Freak’s track record with naming legendaries, those names will probably be the same as the Japanese ones anyway.

(Source: Serebii)

5 thoughts on “Serebii Confirms Official List of New Pokémon English Names”

  1. Actually, Serebii also confirmed the events’ names. And you were right on the money: they’re Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect. However, they already explained back when Reshiram and Zekrom were revealed that they’re giving legendaries names that can pass in any language, since many legendaries are among the most recognizable Pokémon. Thus why only six changed names since the franchise began.

    1. I didn’t even realize they revealed those names too. If they don’t have a problem with the legendary names, they should have at least kept Nageki and Dageki

      1. I’ve been told Nageki and Dageki mean “to throw” and “to strike” respectively. The only appeal in these names would’ve been the fact that most of us have no clue about that fact.

        Which is still more than can be said for Throh and Sawk…

  2. I’ve seen the names, and all I can say is either gamefreak america is trying to hard or not hard enough. Sure most of the names to this date are a bit wonky or pun related, but these, these scare me. This is what we get with the internet, spoiled basically the whole game in a different language, got it all literally translated, and grew attached to the names. I feel for once I am obligated to nickname my pokemon. Hope nobody else feels this way.

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