Sketchin’!! – Caesar and the Beacon

SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! It’s me again! Time for more Pokiemonsta silliness. You may recall that a while ago, I joined the “Ultimate Battle Frontier,” a Pokémon character contest. It was super-fun!… that is until the community collapsed on itself due to drama. Honestly? Online Pokémon art contest drama? Oh internet, you’ll never outgrow your awkward phase. ANYWAY, my very respectable character that you all must take very seriously passed the first round, and it was on to Round 2! What stupid adventures did she get into? How did I wildly misinterpret the rules? How badly did I mangle the original Pokémon designs? CLICK THE CUT AND FIND OUT!

Also, I just wanted to mention that someone called Vixxito has re-uploaded 2.B.A. Master, but has dubbed over it with the Spanish version of the song!  There’s even a Spanish message to watch the marathon in the credits! That makes me so incredibly happy, people. You don’t even know 😀

ALSO ALSO, my good buddy Zarla has made this adorable Flash cartoon based on our goofy little Left 4 Dead characters. YAY!

The challenge was this: you had to make 5 images that corresponded with the 5 prompts, thus creating a very short story with your character. The overall premise was that there were beacons scattered around the snowy wilderness near Snowpoint City, and that only trainers who returned with the beacons would move to the next round. The 5 prompts were:

1) Challenging the Blizzard: Your character braves the snow and ice with the help of their Pokémon.

2) Found a Beacon: Your character finds one of the beacons. How and where was up to you.

3) Spotted: Another person’s character spots yours holding a beacon. You got to choose who spotted you, so I picked the doofiest looking character I could find.

4) Retaliation?: Your character sees the other, and responds accordingly.

5) Showdown!: Your character battles or otherwise wins against the other, thus obtaining the beacon.

One major problem I had was that your character HAD to actually win. This was a challenge since my character is a complete idiot and it’d be way more in-character for her to lose or even just give away the dang thing. Fortunately Ranger stepped up to the plate by being the only one in the group who takes anything seriously. A suckerpunch was not only a convenient way to escape, but also something he would do anyway. OH GLORIOUS CHARACTER INTERACTION. YOU ARE THE LIFEBLOOD.

Anyway, a bigger version is here!

3 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – Caesar and the Beacon”

  1. That is awesome Ana. My only question is what was the drama even about. Were two people fighting over the right to use Gengar in their drawings and everyone except you decided to fight to the death for it. If so then congratulations. The Speed Gamers say that you have won!

    1. To be honest, I have no specific idea what the drama was about. There were hundreds of people in the group, and I guess attitudes just get catty when you round up that many people. As best I can tell, the guy who started the contest was constantly pestered with angry letters with every new round (“why did this person pass and not me/my friend???”) and some contestants even refused to work with each other for *****ed reasons. He handed the group off to someone else after a while, but the whole thing just dissolved shortly thereafter because way too many people were personally offended by not passing a round. Which is goofy since the whole thing was just in good fun.

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