Sketchin’!! – Leander and Caesar in… TAG BATTLE! Part 1

HI! HIII! HIIIIII! Here is some more stupid Pokémon art for you! As I said a while back, a few months ago I had joined a Pokémon-themed character contest, entering the most rock-stupid character in the league. She passed the first round, and spent most of Round 2 searching for some bacon. Crazily enough, she passed that round as well. It was on to Round 3, which proved to be the most involved and complex round yet. So complex, in fact, that this entry can’t just be shown in just a single post. In this round, each artist was randomly paired up with another artist, and each pair was pitted against another pair. The objective? Team up with your partner to illustrate a 2-vs-2 match against your opponents. You could pick pretty much any storytelling format you wanted, but you had to work together. This is where the community fell apart; way too many people were angry over being paired up with a “bad” artist (or even with a “good” artist) or being pitted against two popular artists. Some people even refused to work with their partners for purely bigoted reasons D: BUT I LOVED WORKING TOGETHER.  My teammate was awesome, and her character was awesome. ENTER… LEANDER!

I can’t really post this without mentioning how this entry came to be. I opened up my DA inbox to find a note from someone called Ju-Fate. She told me that we were paired up, and furthermore pointed out that our styles–and characters–were wildly different from one another. She was also smart, since she recognized this as the golden opportunity it was. Two characters with clashing personalities? That’s your story gold right there, people. Her character, Leander, was a polite, refined, and tidy boy born of famous parents. However, he wanted to prove that he was a good trainer on his own merits, so he began his journey under a pseudonym. He tries to act like a rough-and-tumble jerk, but he’s not very good at keeping up this persona. His main Pokémon is Alder, a standoffish Empoleon who’s hard to get along with. Leander is very concerned with cleanliness and hates dirt and dust, so of course he got paired up with Caesar, a moronic trainer who rolls around in dead leaves.

I’m just going to say it: Ju-Fate is brilliant. Seriously, we spent a ton of time discussing character interactions, funny/interesting scenarios, and fun dialogue.  I really wish we could have included ALL of our ideas, but there wasn’t nearly enough time. Regardless, most of the awesome ideas in the entry were hers or inspired by her suggestions.

But how could we tell our story? We decided on a comic, but who would draw it? Well, we went with a bold strategy; we decided to each draw our own characters, then composite them together in each scene. This was difficult to pull off because both of us were essentially drawing our characters reacting to nothing. I drew up some stick figure sketches of roughly what each panel would look like (based on her great suggestions, of course) and we just had to trust one another to draw a finalized pose that matched up.

But there was a slight problem: Our idea was so huge that it took forever for us to finish. It looked as if we were going to miss the deadline. But no way was I going to let my partner down! And she felt the same way. So each of us stayed up incredibly late, finishing drawings and compositing the panels and pages. Even when it was done, I had to spend a couple of hours trying to get a file size/resolution that DeviantArt would accept (as the entry had to be ONE image, and the comic is pretty long)… but it did finally get uploaded, just under the wire.

So what madness was wrought? Well let’s kick off this adventure with TAG BATTLE! Part 1!

I know the text is kind of hard to read, but I had to shrink down the image to get it on here D: SORRY!

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  1. Yay for training in a city dump! That’s always a blast! Anyway great job with this. I just love Leander’s reaction to seeing Ceasar for the first time. That’s probably what my reaction would be too. And when he starts vacuming was pretty funny too.

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