Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 2

Now more stupid monster fun! When we last left our hero, she had to team up with a refined rich boy in order to defeat two opponents in a 2-on-2 match. She decided to train at the city dump, which didn’t make her partner happy at all. But what about their Pokémon? Will they get along? Find out in TAG BATTLE! PART 2!

Oh goodness my oh me oh macaroni! How will these two ever win if their Pokémon hate each other? Tune in next time for Part 3!

One thought on “Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 2”

  1. This is pure excelenceness smashed, crammed, and baked into a comic. I love how the partnership is between a neat freak and a filthy hobo-like creature. The Empoleon and Magmar not getting along too is pretty funny, especially since they both try to outdo each other.

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