Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! Part 4

And we’re back with more ridiculous Pokie-monsta action! Alder the Empoleon and LavaLamper the Magmar have started their battle against a Metagross and an Ampharos. Not only are they up against some formidable opponents, but the arena is a huge funhouse! How will this affect the showdown? Find out more in TAG BATTLE! PART 4!

And don’t forget to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tip off Kotaku about the 2.B.A. Master promo video! And to just spread the video in general! The views have REALLY plateaued now, so I really need your help! They’re at about 10,000 right now, so let’s set a goal of, say… 20,000. That’ll be pretty helpful for the marathon, I think. So please help out and let me know about it in either a comment here, or on the forums! Thanks in advance!

Incidentally, one of our opponents’ character’s description was in both English and German, so I figured it’d make sense for the Ampharos to be more familiar with the German versions of the attacks. Anyway, Alder’s going to teach that Metagross some manners, and ‘Lamper’s following the Ampharos into the sky! Oh, how will THIS turn out?? Find out next time!

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