Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 7

Back again for more of everyone’s favorite crazy Pokémon adventures! Alder the Empoleon was using his brains to fend off a powerful Metagross, while LavaLamper the Magmar was trying to keep up with a pesky Ampharos. Can anything put a stop to this tug of war?

ALSO weird question but does anyone have a box to Pokémon Sapphire that I can steal forever? I still have the game and instructions and stuff. I just want the box. YOU WOULD HAVE MY UNENDING GRATITUDE. And no I’m not going to use the box to sell the game or whatever. It’s just that I use some of my old game boxes to decorate my shelves and my Sapphire one got destroyed ages ago.

What mirror completely changes one’s art style? THE FUNNEST MIRROR OF ALL, OBVIOUSLY!

4 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 7”

    1. And you’d be willing to part with it? I don’t have any money but I know you have a collection of crazy characters yourself, so maybe some fanart for you would be a good trade? I DUNNO IF THAT’S WHAT YOU’D WANT THOUGH BUT YEAH.

      But anyway THANK YOU MUCHLY ^_^

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