So ya – The Snow Vlog

Hey guys what going on?  Just wanted to thank you for all the support for this new vlog project that I have started, I am really happy with the success of this thus far.  Currently I am at 159 subscribes for my channel with is awesome, but nowhere near the over 750,000 that the Shaytards have which is my goal, lol I know I am a long way from there but it happens one subscriber at a time, again just want to thank you guys for all your views and tell  you to make sure to subscribe if you have not already.

3 thoughts on “So ya – The Snow Vlog”

  1. No rob, with that purple jacket and green shirt, you don’t look like barney at all >_>. Nah jk, but that is kinda what I thought whenever you panned down X3. Nice vlog, try to focus the camera itself on the surroundings just a bit more than you do now and try to zoom out just a bit more on your face if you can. Otherwise nice bloggity blog.

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