Street Pass Quest and Puzzle Game on 3DS

More and more information has been leaking out about the built in games included on the 3DS. The newest game to come to light are the Streetpass related Streetpass Quest and Streetpass Puzzle. According to Tiny Cartridge Streetpass Quest uses the Mii’s you get from other people you pass as party members for a simple RPG where you climb levels in a tower. Importantly for us who don’t live in Tokyo you can use the Coin’s you get from the pedometer to buy a cat character and play the game that way. We have less details as to how Streetpass Puzzle will play, but it seems like it make be an actual jigsaw puzzle rather than a falling blocks game like Puyo Pop.

It may look like Nintendo is dropping the ball as far as first party release titles, but these built in games are becoming more and more interesting.

(Tiny Cartridge)

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