Tales of Graces Fan Translation Disbanded

The Impact of Namco’s Surprising decision to bring Tales of Graces F over to the US has made a lot of Tales Fans very happy as it contradicts Namco’s previous views of never bringing out their other Japanese titles (Unless you’re European in which case it sucks to be you). Due to these revelations, the fan translation group who started translating the game almost immedietly after their last project (Fatal Frame IV), confirmed that their translation is now being disbanded. While it’s nice to see that Namco listened to the fans for once, it’s a shame that thousands of hours have been lost from people who worked very hard giving the Tales fans what they wanted in the first place. The good news is that work is still under way on their Tales of Vesperia PS3 translation which is gaining momentum with the cancelation of the Graces Translation. Either way, the teams material for Graces is still up on their site (Including a translated version of the Graces F PS3 demo) And further infomation can be found in the source box for this article.

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  1. I wouldn’t look it at as “it sucks that they lost all that time’s worth of work” because as someone who followed Tomato during MOTHER 3’s translation and someone who feels he knows pretty well how Tomato felt, I can safely say that I’m sure these guys were uber relieved that the game is being released. This is also a good thing as it allows them to move onto another project sooner – everybody wins.

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