Teenager Arrested for Gun Threats Over Xbox Live

What you say on Xbox Live can hurt you. If you have a hard time believing this, just ask the teenager in Maryland who “hijacked” an Xbox Live account and sent prank messages to almost 100 other players with threats of bringing a gun to school and shooting his peers. Obviously, these did not go unnoticed, and the teenager was arrested

Government officials said in an interview that the teenager, who wishes to remain anonymous, acquired the login details via an via a website that sells unauthorized Xbox Live accounts for money. Prosecutor Theodore Romankow said,“After obtaining this user name and password the Maryland teenager sent a message to nearly 100 people, including students at Berkeley Heights High School pretending to be the user,”

His messages contained death threats including plans to shoot fellow students with a gun. The message soon reached the ears of resonsible and justifiably worried parents, who contacted the police. An investigation went underway and the teenager was caught, claiming it was all a joke.

“At no time were students in Berkeley Heights in any danger,” said the prosecutor. “This appears to be a teenage prank.”

A little dirty humor on online gaming services is something that many gamers are guilty of, but actually threatening somebody is crossing the line. Take this as a lesson to be careful what you say while gaming, or even when using the internet in general.

What are your thoughts on this crime?

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3 thoughts on “Teenager Arrested for Gun Threats Over Xbox Live”

  1. I think it’s a good thing that in this case it’s the prankster who was arrested and not the legitimate owner of the XBox account. That could have easily gone really stupidly for everyone involved (and not just the one who was being stupid).

  2. So if I follow this correctly, the kid bought the login creditials to someone else’s Xbox Live account and used it for his threats. I am going to blame Microsoft on this one. I know it makes no sence, it was the fault of the kid who decided to be a***** and the website was doing semi-illegal things without MS’s knowledge, but I’m going to blame them anyway because that’s what ignorant reactionary adults do. I’m trying to blend in.

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