TheSpeedGamer’s – Catch ‘Em All Classic – March 11th-14th

The Pokemon “Catch ‘Em All Classic” will be TheSpeedGamer’s 22nd marathon. We will be raising money for ALSA (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and will have a goal of $15,000. We’re dusting off our gameboys and untangling our link cables to play the original gameboy games. We will be streaming 2 games at a time along with video commentary. We strive to catch the original 251 Pokemon in under 72 hours while only allowing ourselves to play 2 games simultaneously. We will transfer all the Pokemon to one cart and auction it off to end the marathon. The event starts at 6 central and will be viewable from our website,

20 thoughts on “TheSpeedGamer’s – Catch ‘Em All Classic – March 11th-14th”

      1. I was actually thinking morph ball, now I’m thinking screw attack.

        That leaves just the Star Wars marathon for a spinny thing… I know! an X-Wing doing a barrel roll!

  1. I know you guys have done Pokemon like this before, but I haven’t had the pleasure to watch you guys do it. So I will be sure to see it this time around,
    and I will gladly spread the word!

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